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Thread: A tail of 7hs vs 28 vitality

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    A tail of 7hs vs 28 vitality

    Round 1 vs Garret as Amy
    Win 2-1

    Game one was quite long with both of us jockeying for position with me finally taking it. Garret wins game two with some quick aggro out of no where. Game three sees ZM firing on all cylinders and I get him in less than five minutes.

    Round 2 vs A.J. as Temujin
    Loss 0-2

    Redonkulous damage output by running a lot of 2 checks that repeatidly win the game.
    Quote of this round "I dont know what the F just happened but I'm not even mad."

    Round 3 vs Matt Khols as Mitsurugi
    Loss 0-2

    19 vitatlity against mitsu equals suckage. Get racked very early both games by practically unblockable attacks. Toughest in the Universe on turn thrusters = barf biscuits.

    Round 4 vs omar as omar
    Win 2-0

    Omar has no chance of top cuts, but we play for fun and playing fun matches with omar is something else.

    Round 5 vs Ivey as Xiangua
    Win 2-0

    Finally another squishy to beat up on. She swings alot of attacks but cant quite kill me. Subsequent turn, lifters and fury do the work.

    Overall: 3-2 7th place in swiss.

    Top 8 Round 1 vs Jeremy Ray as Jinn

    Game one I win the dice roll and spend four turns turtling up. On one turn I hit him for a wheel kick lifter to soften him up. I survive the onslaught and take the win on the next turn.
    Game two goes horribly wrong. Check a lifter on my 3rd foundation on turn one. Jeremy takes advantage and proceeds to just push attacks down my throat the rest of the game till I die.
    Game three goes back to the way I want this matchup to go. About four turns of building sees me take him down with wheel kick into lifter that stuns his entire board to the fatal fury.

    Top 8 Round 2 vs Andrew Olexa as Kazuya

    Game one Andrew goes first build a couple then passes. On two he proceed to swing into me to soften me up. Two turns later I come across with wheel kick into lifter into fury for over 28 dmg.
    Game two Andrew goes first again and build three foundations. I drop five foundations on my one including shadowar, for the money x2, and brooding. Andrew pokes and picks up two character cards in hand. My turn wheel kick into lifter for alot. Then fury of the ancients putting every foundation in play into my card pool. Andrew has to full block one and partial another. He fails the check with the character block.

    Finals vs Sean (Tader_Salad) as Mitsurugi

    Have to note at this point I've failed one check over top cuts. Supposedly Sean has had the same luck. You can watch the videos of this one as its pointless for me to type all that out.
    Sean is a great competitor though and a force to be reckoned with. He will have alot of future top appareances.

    Follow ups:
    I played against nothing but 28 vitality characters in tops.
    Also in finals I saw a fury game one but never got to play it. And then proceeded to just check them over the next two games.
    Essentially a blank 7/19 fire character. That makes me sad.
    Dru bodied me so hard after finals I have a bruise on my leg.

    Shout outs would be insanely long as everyone was awesome. The west coast guys know their stuff and were a blast. Not to mention all the normal peeps as well.

    Jasco gave mad prize support and this was a GAUNTLET of a tournie.
    Can't wait to see the vids.
    Viva La Huitzil!
    "Vegas is for drinking, not blocking."

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    I was your only game 3 round in Swiss?

    Really well done and congrats, it's not easy to beat Jin -> Kazuya -> Mitsu, frankly the three best 6/28s out there ^^

    I kinda wish I wasn't playing that joke of a deck Amy. Oh well lol, I thought it would be good, all puns intended.

    - dut
    "No, no, not by the hair on my chinny chin Chin."

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    28 vitality is free , real talk
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    Your Z.M. made me cum in my pants. It was that hot. Lifters are scary ass s***, saw them all day lol.
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