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Thread: Top 8 Standard decklists

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    Top 8 Standard decklists

    This thread is a list of the final standings, and hyper-links to decklists posted by their players I'll try my best to keep this updated as it arrives.

    1st: Ben "Nfxon" Shoemaker - (FIRE) Zi mei
    2nd: Sean Toysa - (LIFE) Mitsurugi
    3rd: Andrew Olexa - (CHAOS) Kazuya Mishima
    4th: Sal Mazurrco - (CHAOS/all) Omar Chavez
    5th: Jeremy Ray - (CHAOS) Jin Kazama
    6th: AJ "Hurricane" Murry - (AIR) Temujin
    7th: Stephen "777" Nguyen - (GOOD) Amy
    8th: Kirk "Grizzlegrom" Polka - (Death) Kisheri
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    Top 8 Kisheri and Top 8 'Mooj are already posted in the Deck Building forum. Look there!

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    I'm working on it, just trying to consolidate to all in one place :-D

    If I run out of space I'll just make it links to all the lists, which is still good IMO. I have some newer players looking for information on successful decks, I want there to be a good reference point available, and sifting through the Deck-Building Forum can be...difficult if you don't know what the cards are :-D

    Also, these are lists from nationals, they should be in the nationals forum, or at least linked to it :-D
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    hrm, this is messier then I expected, also forgot to reserve posts to break it up. I'm just going to post the top 8 and hyperlink all the decklist threads. Probably better.

    yes, cleaner and links to the deckbuilder so people can enter discussion on the deck in the appropriate place.
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    Just a note but true final standings would be:

    1st: Ben
    2nd Sean
    3rd Andrew
    4th Sal
    5th Jeremy Ray
    6th Kirk
    7th Trip 7s
    8th AJ

    If I'm not mistaken on the bracket matchups.
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    1. Sean Toysa - Life Mitsurugi
    2. Jeremy Ray - Chaos Jin
    3. Andrew Olexa - Chaos Kazuya
    4. Sal Mazurrco - Chaos Omar
    5. AJ Murray - Air Temujin
    6. Stephen Nguyen - Good Amy
    7. Ben Shoemaker - Fire Zi Mei
    8. Kirk Polka - Death Kisheri

    are the swiss standings. so ranking within top 8 is based on which part of the bracket you lost in, so it should be
    1st Ben
    2nd Sean
    3rd andrew
    4th sal
    5th jeremy
    6th Aj
    7th Trip 7's
    8th Kirk

    I guess I can move it around reasonably easily, to show actual standings.

    Edit: done.

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    Dammit my deck was dual symbol! Everyone just sees the chaos and overlooks all, its all good though
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    Quote Originally Posted by SMazzurco View Post
    Dammit my deck was dual symbol! Everyone just sees the chaos and overlooks all, its all good though
    Fix'd :-D didn't capitalize all, since only one card was pure all :-P

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    I lost to Sean Toysa - (LIFE) Mitsurugi in top eight so I'd be right below Jeremy, not that it matters :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizzlegrom View Post
    I lost to Sean Toysa - (LIFE) Mitsurugi in top eight so I'd be right below Jeremy, not that it matters :P
    oh, I was doing it the Way M:TG does it at grand prix's Where swiss standings determine position within the bracket you lost in (IE swiss 1st would be either 5th or 3rd, depending on which round of top 8 they lost in)

    In order to avoid this confusion I originally just had it as 1, 2, 3/4 3/4, 5/8, 5/8, 5/8, 5/8 :-p

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