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Thread: Roll Call! - The UFS Introduction Thread

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    Roll Call! - The UFS Introduction Thread

    Since UFS is now in the hands of our new Texan overlords, it would be nice to see who is still around and what new guys we have playing this great game. Just tell us who you are, where you play, how long you've been playing, and anything else you might wanna share with the class.

    I'm Drew Maffei (ShippuJinrai on the old forums). I play out of Atlanta, GA and am a member of the seldom sober Team Atlanta aka Team Lionstance. I've been playing since the game came out and have taken a couple breaks here and there because Evil is dumb. I plan on being at GenCon for Worlds so hit me up if you want to game.

    New people, if there are any yet, please don't hesitate to contact me or any of the veteran guys with any questions you might have. This community is the best thing about this game and all of us are very approachable especially GouHadou. His hair smells like candy.

    Oh and Sketch smells.

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    Janesville, WI
    Well, I am here to see how things go and keep my local players updated on info regading UFS..
    I was Jypsy on the old forums, Jypsy here apparently too.
    Mainly I run events in Janesville, WI, and we have a pretty solid playgroup that has somewhat lost interest after the last few sets due to various issues regarding the game.
    Things have been very quiet lately regarding UFS but hopefully the idea that it isn't dead will get people excited enough to play again around here.

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    YO.. YO..YOOO.... HEY MANNNNN!!! Im Mike I was Link on the old forums too. I live in Canada and im AWESOME! Part of Team Foxhound which at the moment consists of me Danny Fung and Shajir Islammudin. We havent heard from Keith or Kin so for the time being it is just us. I too have been playing since the game came out. Gencon is a blast. I dont care if your the worst UFS player ever u should go if u can afford it. Still working on the playgroup atm. Brads thinking about it but its no more than 4 of us for the time being at best. Yeah... maybe i should contact Jasco about getting my character? prolly a good idea.

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    Hey, I was Yoko Charming Fox on the old forums. I'm playing out of Amarillo, Texas, and plan on trying to keep UFS alive their. If everyone starts coming back up to our shop who use to we might be able to get a play group of 4-7 people going again in Amarillo.

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    Shiros here, rarely posted on the old forums but same name. I play out of Oneida, NY (upstate/central) along with 5~6 other people, hoping everyone gets back together and keeps it going strong for us. Been playing since the Soulcalibur III battlepack. Anyone reading this within the Oneida area lacking a place to play, get a hold of me and I can pass along the information, we're always looking for chances for our playgroup to grow.

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    Indianapolis, IN
    Lol - it sounds like we are mourning the loss of a dear friend. I was so and so and I remember when ....

    Anyway - to add to the dirge.

    I was dwolf52000 in the old forums. Here in Indy. Due to a scheduling snafu (I scheduled myself to run in the middle of the day), I cannot make the tournaments this year even though I will be at Gen Con. My player base lost interest when the game was discontinued via Fantasy Flight, which really annoys me because the game mechanics are really fun and there were a large number of formats and decks people could still play. You play for the game, not just for prizes. Grr. Anyway I am hoping to get things going again when this ramps up. Hopefully they will get bored with their shiny that they are playing now and will come back.

    By the by - I ran a tournament at a St. Louis con and the people who played never played before. At the end they really wanted to continue playing. So here is to hoping.


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    Southern California
    Hey all. Representing Torrance, CA playgroup. 4 die hard players, 2 questionable and 1 off and on guy that builds some serious decks. Should be getting a few more recruits from the local high school soon.

    As a group we've only gone out to a few tourneys here and there given money/timing issues and not a lot been going on in our area. We seem to have made quite an impression at the recent tourney in Santa Cruz and we're always looking for new challenges and new ideas.

    We roll under the banner of Shattered Divinity. We offer our support to all players, old and new, and we will attend any and every tournament we can to support the game and the community (but we're broke right now). If you haven't heard of us yet, you will.

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    Hey, Joe Hill here, otherwise known as Viewtiful Joe I'm in Colchester from the UK, and was last years UK champion and Worlds runner up. We're keeping up a pretty nice profile for UFS down here, so hopefully itll rub off on other towns to return UFS to its former glory in the UK. I started playing UFS when it came out, and I'm not about to stop anytime soon. We've got a playerbase of around 8 - 10, and could easily raise that number once everythings back up and running again

    If I can afford to, I'll be attempting to get down to Gencon this year to help bring the game back up onto its feet, but I'll have to push damn hard to get it together in time lol. I also be running regular tournaments once I get the chance to encourage people to start everything back up again

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    omg forums

    anyways i'm Danny Fung (pronounced "Danny Ole") formally ..BM.. (i think i posted like 8 times) . i'm part of some unknown team called FoxHound and most of the play group situation is pretty much summed up in mike's post.

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    What up guys! My name is Matt and I've been playing UFS since it came out. I'm still holding it down here in the Upstate of South Carolina.

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