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Thread: Roll Call! - The UFS Introduction Thread

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    Virginia Beach, VA
    wats good pplz. The name is Sean.
    I just started this game last week lol. Im gonna try and get the Southern Virginia ppl back into the game (after i learn the game myself XD.)

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    Anderson, SC
    Whats crackin, im Ryan Craft from Upstate SC. Been playing UFS about since Dark Path came out, haven't played much since FFG dropped the game but i'm ready to get rolling again!

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    Hey all, I'm Brian from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area! I've been playing since Next Level, but been collecting from the get-go. Loved the last two Worlds visits I've made and I'm currently gearing up a group to go this year as well! If any of ya'll make it up there, feel free to hit me up (I tend to have a few off the wall decks on hand =D).

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    Hey folks, I'm Dave. Sketch from the old FFG boards, Vyrce from the REALLY old STG boards, and I've been a UFS player since the game first launched back in set 1 and have competed all over the place for this crazy game. I'm a proud member of Team Atlanta/Lionstance, which is running pretty strong with this relaunch at about 10 very, very talented players. I'll definitely be at GenCon this year - if you're a UFS player looking for a blast after the tourneys are done, our traditional trip to The Ram (Awesome brewpub across from the convention center) is not to be missed. It's the stuff of legends.

    Also, ATLDrew's breath makes nuns cry.
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    Rick here from Seattle. I have been Baranor on the forums since the old Sabertooth forums forever ago. I'm jumping back in pretty hard and there are at least 8 or 9 casual players here.

    I'm sad to miss worlds. I would be there, but for the 7 weddings we have to go to this summer. Let's get this rolling, and I will see you at worlds 2011!

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    Hey, I'm Daniel aka Ninjazanus (same as the old boards) and I'm the Scout from Charlottesville Va. Me and my playgroup of about a dozen are eagerly awaiting the re-release in Oct. I'm an earth enthusiast, by which I mean the symbol and I've spent a lot of time since UFS was canceled developing One Piece fan cards. Yeah, I'm that cool. Anyway, if anyone in the area wants a game, you can now find me at The End Game center on saturdays from 1 pm til whenever. Always happen to help out new players.

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    Hi guys my name is Justin, ive been playing for a couple of years, I dont really know what i started out with but my first starterdex was the old mai one :P I'm from the austin,tx area and I really like this game so i hope things stick this time around!

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    Hey there folks, I'm Jon, but I go by the name of Kryzen.

    I'm a pretty new player; I'd read up on the game for quite a while, but only actually started playing/obtaining cards maybe a couple weeks before block 4 released.

    I'm very eager to start playing (like legitimately, in tournaments and whatnot), as well as starting up a local playerbase (already underway!).

    I'll probably hover around the forums frequency, so, a pleasure to meet ya all!
    Here's to having some good fun and competition!

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    Honestly, i wasn't expecting a single new player to post in this thread. Thank you new guys for pleasantly surprising me.

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    Our pleasure!

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