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Thread: Roll Call! - The UFS Introduction Thread 2

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    Hey Howdy.


    My name is Justin, I got into UFS at GenCon '18 and I got hooked on this game very quickly. I live just North of Indianapolis and I love to play when ever I get the chance. Shoot me a message if you ever want to throw down, I'm downloading Octgn as well.

    Let's Fight!
    - Shadeism

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    New to ufs. Just got in with MK-x
    Any Portland, Oregon or Vancouver, WA player around I'm looking to get a group going

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    I'm actually a former yugioh player from Boston interested in UFS and here for researching purposes. These days I am reluctant in spending actual money and investing into any kind of traditional trading or collectible card games. I find myself to prefer to move in the direction of Living Card Games, Deck Building Games and any other non-trading and non-collectible type of card game;non-traditional card games due to a limited budget that I have.

    Haven't exactly spend any actual money on any of them yet or played them yet, but it seems to make more sense and I'm still conducting research and asking questions. At one point I even saw a Deck Building Game for Street Fighter and I though it might be the same company that made UFS had made it, but I guess I was wrong. But it would be great and awesome if that had been the case though.

    However, for the case of UFS it's a complete different story and is an exception. I still have interest in this TCG/CCG as an exception.

    It's always been there in the back of my mind because I used to play many of the popular 2-D fighting games back in the day, from Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, King Of Fighters, etc. So being a fan of fighting games, this would be different than majority of major TCGs or CCGs that are based on some typical Anime franchise or some other franchise which I find myself reluctant to go back to because of my bad, disappointing and unhappy experiences with yugioh.

    It's also because I believe I live in a dead zone where UFS is hardly played or even mentioned nor talked about in my area. I may be wrong, so if any body is from Boston, then Hello there!

    Any advice would be much appreciated. I'm thinking about investing and building decks for some of my favorite characters from those various fighting games but isn't absolutely certain about what the costs are going to be like or involved? Would they break the bank very quickly?

    I hope it wouldn't, and since I believe I'm in a UFS dead zone, competitive play probably shouldn't be of concern nor of any interest nor priority. To be frank, I never actually invest in and play in any yugioh tournaments and had always been more of a casual player of it myself. So I'm probably going to be going a more casual and more budget friendlier route whenever possible if I were to begin and spend any actual money to build UFS decks to play with.

    Anybody here former yugioh players here that transitioned to and moved onto UFS want to welcome me here and share with me about their experiences with UFS and what they like or not like about it?

    Current yugioh players that play UFS are also fine if they want to share their experiences with me, I think I just would relate better to those that are former than current though. So can you honestly tell me what you think of UFS compared to yugioh then? I've personally had too many bad experiences with yugioh and had quit since sometimes back in 2007.

    I had always wanted to transition to and give UFS a chance and play it back then when Sabertooth games first made and introduced it. I even regretted all that money I had spent on yugioh and how things turned out with it. But I never got back to it. I even still have a Ryu starter deck from the time frame that Sabertooth Games first introduced this game and since this game had still survived despite the company that manages and owns the rights to it had changed on more than one occasion. The fact that this game survives tell me that it's definitely something still worth looking into and experiment with.

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    good morning guys

    Good morning, I am Han Sama. I played Revitalized Sacramento from the beginning but i gave up 2 months ago, I am thinking to continue or not

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