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Thread: Roll Call! - The UFS Introduction Thread 2

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    YESSS!!!!! Friends are good for that sort of thing, welcome!
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    Toasting in epic bread

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    ok yay

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    Hey there,
    I'm a 27 yo guy with a love for RPGs and TCGs...
    I can't play at home 'cause it's way too expensive to get my cards here, but I content myself with OCTGN

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    And yeah, enjoy OCTGN :P
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    welcome to all the new guys, we do have an IRC Chat room where theres almost always 1 veteran of the game sitting in there for you to talk to if ya have any questions regarding rules, game/deck design theory or just want to chit chat.

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    Son Gopaul's obligatory extremely long Saikyo Intro!

    Hay a lo lo!

    WARNING: LONG INTRODUCTION IS LONG. I like doing this stuff.

    "Hey, Ricky. Wake up. The time has come."
    You what now? Just gimme five more minutes...
    WHAT! UFS IS BACK! Oh, hi Son Gopaul. Long time no see. I gotta go get me some UFS!

    "So... in the hibernation of UFS, what have you been doing?"
    Oh you know, fulfilling my card game cravings by playing Pokemon, and even renouncing my hatred for Yugioh.
    "YOU WHAT!"
    I... uh... renounced my hatred for Yugioh.
    "Ohhh, Ricky... I fear this hibernation's delay has had it's toll on the players."
    Oh well, can't change the past. Besides, it's not all that bad.
    "As your alter-ego who is completely biased to UFS, I'm not going to join in."
    Fair enough. Anyways, enough about the past - how about the present - UFS is back, babay! I got a box of Red Horizon yesterday, and I pulled only one character, and probably one of the best - REESE!
    "You do realise you haven't read ALL the characters yet, don't you?"
    Yeah, but work with what you got, don't ya! Anyways, I'm off to build my Reese deck! Seeya later, strange alter-ego!

    Okay, in case anyone can't decipher my random forum ramblings, I usually make my introductory post as a roleplay with one of my many alter-egos. Online, I am indeed a schizophrenic. And since it's been a while, I kinda went a bit crazy on this one. Anyways, I am HYPED about Red Horizon's release, especially since I kept myself in the dark due to the long delays.

    Good to see everyone again, and browsing around seeing the names I knew and loved back again, brought a bit of nostalgia to my eyes.

    In case people don't remember me, I'm one of those dudes from across the pond, in Colchester, UK. You guys should know that town well, we had a couple of our dudes come and storm Worlds a few years ago. I'm the crazy one who cosplays Dan Hibiki from time to time, and in the time UFS has been gone other characters like Bartz Klauser and Gyarados have been added to that cosplay list. But enough about that, I'm building my Reese deck - Stay Saikyo, peeps!

    [/Long Intro]
    Quote Originally Posted by madeofwin View Post
    O mighty Ricky, he that dresses as Dan at big events, Builder of Jank and Discarder of Hands.
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    Welcome back! I'm glad to see UK slowly getting back into the game! I hope you like your Reese deck, and you can also try it out on UFS online via Octgn now. There is an IRC chat room with a link located on the UFS Online forum. Please check it out, and build some decks! We would love to have a few games with you!


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    Well I'm Mike, I've played ufs since the first SNK set and have loved every minute, especially the new and interesting character design, specifically Miska keep up the good work Jasco.
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    Hey everyone, just introducing myself. My name's Jon, but online, I usually go by Kryzen.

    I'm pretty new to UFS; been interested for a while, don't have much in the way of cards; just an old pile of older cards, lots of Soul Arena cards, and little else xD

    I've never actually played competitively, as I don't even have a playgroup. Aaaaand that's just a quick introduction; I've been lurking around these forums for a long time, but I think it'll be an enriching experience to actually become a part of the UFS community.

    Here's to you all!

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