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Thread: Suggestions for OCTGN

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    ive never had a problem with it, all the legal sets are right at the top

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    using 2hd to make legacy lists is also better. then digging for them alphabetically in octgn.
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    Realized the other day that I am dumb and it isn't missing any cards. Just didn't get the extended stuff.
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    Sorry for the delay on the updated features. I"ve been pretty busy with school but we will try and get it out before Monday for you guys to have fun with!

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    Don't know if anyone's actively working on OCTGN anymore, but one of the things that I've noticed my last few playthroughs is the lack of ability to modify the tracked progressive difficulty. Specifically, if you manage to remove a card from your card pool, OCTGN still believes that said card is still present in the card pool and still gives your card difficulty +1.

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    New update has made stuff screwy. When I try and play a game using proxies for stuff like making a killing or nailed it I get this error:
    octgn couldnt load the deck
    object reference not set to an instance of an object
    then I notice my deck was missing some cards.
    I go back to deck editor and mega man as well as most of legacy for me is blank, like no image what so ever not even the usual one. So Im guessing its either the update or the files.
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