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Thread: Good Luck to All @ Gencon

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    Good Luck to All @ Gencon

    Goodluck to everyone who made it (i could not). Hope to see most of you in Vegas @ nats!
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    Thanks Sal

    I just spent the night with some of the Jasco staff lol all cool ppl
    I'm hella pumped for legacy in 2 1/2 hr
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    Ditto what Sal said! Hope to catch up with many of you in Vegas for Nats!

    Get Some!!!
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    good luck to everyone, and, please, get back with lot of pics, vids and spoilers!

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    Someone get something on video!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tader_Salad View Post
    Someone get something on video!!!
    As long as chubbs has his clothes on

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