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Thread: Mr. Fox goes All-In

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    Mr. Fox goes All-In

    So, this is a variation on a competitive Steve Fox deck i ran a couple months back. That build was an All/Fire dual-symbol deck, and for the most part, the true essence of that deck gets transferred here, a mono-symbol All deck. I admit, however, that the All/Fire incarnation is perhaps a bit more competitive, as i've included a couple cards in here for thematic inspiration (I'm looking at you, Boxing is Life).

    Please read and feel free to leave comments and critiques. This deck is solid, but not top-tier by any means. That, however, is largely due to the fact that a lot of what makes Steve Fox cool gets shut down when he gets turned sideways; Pommel Smash makes him cry.

    That said, enjoy...

    1x 6/6 Steve Fox 6hs 26vp +0m

    Actions (7):
    4x 4/5 Quick Strike +3h
    3x 3/5 Toughest in the Universe

    Attacks (16):
    4x 5/3 Hammer of the Gods 3m4 +2h (Punch, S:2)
    4x 5/3 Gut Drill 4m4 +2m (Punch, Reversal)
    4x 5/3 Tandoya 3L5 (Punch, S:1)
    4x 4/2 Turn Thruster 2h4 +1m (Punch, S:1, Combo)

    Foundations (36):
    4x 3/5 Bloodline Rebellion +3h
    4x 2/5 For the Money +3m
    4x 2/5 Best Friends +3h
    4x 2/5 Financial Troubles
    3x 2/5 Boxing is Life
    3x 2/5 Genius Alchemist
    3x 2/5 Body of Souls
    4x 1/5 The Strength Within +2m
    4x 2/4 Looking for a Thrill +3h
    3x 1/4 Ancient Fighting Style +4m

    As far as attacks go, i opted for an approach that more represented how a Boxer might fight. Pretty much "stick & move" is the name of the game. Throw out a 1-2 punch combo with Hammer or Tandoya as the Lead-Punch, followed by Turn Thruster. Then, "rope-a-dope" on your opponent's turn by reducing damage, blocking and countering with Gut Drill.

    This is actually a very balanced attack spread, and Steve can easily deal 16 - 19 of unblockable dmg by T2, ending games on his opponent's turn via: Turn Thruster (as block) + Gut Drill + Toughest in the Universe (combo).

    Pretty fun deck!!
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    The nice thing about this build is that you can reverse with a gut drill into a toughest in the universe. In this build, I would use wonderworld warriors to put attacks into my momentum for defense and just general card draw.
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