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Thread: Phantom Breaker coming to the US

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    Phantom Breaker coming to the US

    It has been announced that Southpeak Interactive is bringing 5pb.'s 2D fighting game with mainly female characters to North America under the publishing label of 7Sixty. The game takes place in a high-stakes fighting tournament in Tokyo and has 14 playable characters, mainly female, but there are a few guys, and it even features Rimi from Chaos;Head and Kurisu from Steins;Gate as guest characters. The game will be released early this year, exclusively on the Xbox 360.


    Siliconera even has a list of characters for the game here:

    Here are some YouTube videos of the game in action:
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    An announcement trailer has recently been released for Phantom Breaker.

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    I can honestly say I was surprised. No PS3, can't buy, not affected me probably...

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