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Thread: New UFS database !

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    2018 - 01 - 21 update :

    - Added every Cowboy Bebop card.

    - Added text of all the Platinum card.

    - You can now sort your cards in a deck by "Control" or "Block zone".

    - You can now add 16 "Red Eye Capsule"

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    - Adding cards to your deck should be a lot faster now (~10 seconds before, 0.5 seconds now).

    - Optimized a lot of queries, overall UfsUltra should be faster.

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    thank you for your work.
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    - Added a button to copy a deck in the deck page. Just click the button and it will instantly create an exact copy of the deck.
    - Added the Turbo format.
    - You can search for cards that are legal in the Turbo Format.
    - If your deck have exactly 41 cards and turbo cards in it, the deck should be flagged as "Turbo".

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