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Thread: EX's GenCon Report

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    Andrew Olexa - He gets another folks! Congratulations on winning another character and keeping Jeremy Ray down. Enough with that MonPoc, up with that UFS. I'll draw Voltron on some cards for you.
    Put your money where your mouth is son! I want some voltron cards!

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    Dude, I was the one that made that Bucco reservation for Jasco :P

    "*ring ring*" "Hello?" "Yes I'd like to make a reservation for tonight at 10 for 40 ppl." "Hold on.... Ok you need to make a reservation what time." "10, and that's how many people?" "40" "How many?" "40 people, is that possible?" "Uh... Um can you hold on." "*queue godfather music*" "Ok that's fine, tonight at 10"

    "Jason, tonight at 10." "I don't think we'll make it, it's 8 now. How bout tomorrow after finals?" "Ok."

    Call back, same shindig. Next day: "Thomas, can you move it up" "Like 9?" "9:30 be good" *call* "[...] 40 People?, Uh hold on *godfather music*" "goddmn it."

    The infinite hype machine.

    Quote Originally Posted by ATLDrew View Post
    Ya'll should be Team Emotional Rollercoaster. Thomas is super hype about everything, Syclic is super sad about everything, and Trips just says whatever the hell he is thinking.

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