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Thread: Kaden 2 Earth

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    Kaden 2 Earth

    This is my kaden 2 deck i recently built it did well at my local tournament going 5-0 on games and only losing one round though may have just been a very lucky day so would like some feed back thanks

    Characters (1)
    Kaden 2 x1

    Actions (3)
    Stopped in its tracksx3

    Assets (3)
    Kadens blindfold x3

    Attacks (18)
    Flying Body Vice x3
    Leg ram x3
    Plummeting doom x3
    Focus Charge x3
    Havoc Call x3
    Fusion Banex3

    Foundations (39)

    Absolute Loyalty x3
    Keeping Order x3
    Sole Purpose x4
    The Bells Toll x3
    Broken Memories x3
    Know Your Objective x4
    Perfect Evolution x3
    Seal Of Retribution x2
    Subject K88-01x3
    The man behind the maskx3
    Paid to protect x3
    Torn hero x2
    Manical Laughter x3

    Deck Total - 63
    Average Diff - 2.317
    Average check - 4.238
    Blocks - 46 (73%)
    High - 16 (35% , +2.625)
    Mid - 27 (58% , +2.444)
    Low - 3 (7% , +3)

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