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Thread: Legacy Nationals Issues

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    Legacy Nationals Issues

    Standard Singles: This will be a final showdown match, televised at X-9 Games between Garett Brett and Tim Keefe.

    Legacy: There has been controversy in this event because of a deck check incident. The player that originally won this event, was allowed to play top 8 with a failed deck check due to the circumstances but after more in-depth investigation will be revoked the title in this event because his deck was illegal through most of the swiss rounds. Originally we were lead to believe that there was just a simple deck mix up because of the short time he was given to grab his deck from his hotel room in between standard swiss rounds.

    The Legacy event will be re-played from where it left off. In that bracket, we would have had Steven playing against Scott. Steven texted me that morning saying he dropped so Scott won the match. In that case, we are going to drop both players which means Garett Brett will have won against a dropped Steven Nguyen.

    This places Garett Brett and Tim Keefe in the finals for Legacy which will also be re-played at X-9 Games live this weekend.

    We apologize to the community as a whole for the complicated and lacking judging here and are hiring a few full time judges that can take care of these kind of situations at future major events.

    -Jasco Games

    P.S. We will have more information on the deck check in a separate article and why it was allowed to go as far as it did.

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    What issues if I may ask?

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    Can we lock this to avoid any conversation or speculation and just have this regarded as an announcement.
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