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Thread: US Nationals Standard/Legacy finals results

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    Quote Originally Posted by Awaken View Post
    the only thing i can say really bad about that is that you pulled stuff out of your discard pile that wouldnt be there otherwise
    Yeah, it's a serious mistake/benefit? in a deck with recursion. I don't think I've ever done this before, and probably had to do with the passing of it back and forth (since it was a final we both wanted to take our time and think about what was rfg'd and what it meant). Had I won this game I'd care a great deal about this, but since I lost the game anyways its just something to learn from, thank you for your keen eye.
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    oh man im not trying to call you out or anything, and you are 100% right if you had won i could see it having been a problem, but it wasnt that big of a deal, i just happened to notice it, and i did notice there was a lot of passing around and you can tell by watching it wasnt intentional. I cant wait to play you guys though

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