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Welcome to a new edition of Character "gems" Corner, Character Reflection Edition, today we look at my first character from the 3rd Street Fighter set, that character is Cammy White, Cammy's backstory has her as being a Hero and Villain due to being mind controlled by M. Bison, though if you watched the Animated Series you'll probably call a LOT of her backstory into question, as it seems to be ret-conned over and over again in both the Animated Series, the Movies and the Video Games, one game she's a mindless "doll", the next she's working with the Hero's, the next she's working for Interpol, yeah... seems they did not really know what to do with her at times, as is the same with what they did to her in UFS, she starts out very central focused on one theme then seem to make her go in a totally different direction with each Set release for her, so without further addue, let's look at Cammy White.

[Chaos, Life, Void]
Hand: 6
Vitality: 22
R: Before you make a control check, the check is made from your opponent's deck. Only playable durring your opponent's turn.
F: Commit: Your opponent reveals their hand and discards all asset and action cards revealed this way.

At the time, one of the few ways that you could handle Problem Actions such as Hop and Reversal, also helped to keep any trouble assets your opponent was gonna play on their following turn at bay. She also had an ability that was re-printed at a later date and was considered to be a VERY Powerful ability, though her ability was on the opponent's turn only, whereas Bishamon's ability was on both player's turns. The positives to this character, the ability to slowly mill your opponent and keep trouble cards out of your opponent's hand. The downside, low vitality for a 6 hand size, though Life helps.

Best Symbol: Void

Worst Symbol: Life

[Chaos, Void, Water]
Hand: 6
Vitality: 23
R: Commit: After you discard cards from your hand due to a card effect, your opponent discards 2 cards
E: Your attack played as a reversal gets +1 speed and +1 damage.

This version was one that unfortunately saw LIMITED play, and was a very powerful character in reality. Her ability allows you to as long as you discard a card due to ANY card effect(yes even your own), and commiting her, you can force your opponent to discard 2 cards; a few tricks were to use cards like Perfect Posture (or as some people called it "Cammy's A#$") and let an attack deal damage to make their opponent discard a grand total of THREE cards from their hand, which if you time it right will leave your opponent with NO hand or just 1 card in their hand. The other ability she has, was one that at the time was a very good FREE enhance, but with her symbol spread she rarely if EVER was a reversal deck... though throwing a 4M6 reversal throw was always fun for those who tried it(Strike heads)...

Best Symbol: Water

Worst Symbol: Chaos

[Chaos, Death, Void]
Hand: 7
Vitality: 21
E: Discard 1 card: Your opponent discards 1 card.
F: Commit, destroy 1 foundation: Destroy 1 asset

This character when she was spoiled intrigued me... because at the time i was looking for a character that was closly resembling my favorite superstar from WWE Raw Deal (Chris Jericho), and then she was spoiled and the similarities were almost identical, the ability to discard cards from your opponent's hand and the simple ability to screw with your opponent's staging area, that made my day. Now ya add in the fact that she is a 7 hand size and has Death and Void and you see a character with unlimited discard potential AND Control aspects to keep your opponent off guard. The only problems i personally had with the character was the artwork.

Best Symbol: Death/Void(pick your poison)

Worst Symbol: Chaos

[Air, Chaos, Void]
Hand: 8
Vitality: 18
E: If this attack deals damage, add 1 card from your hand to your momentum. Only playable durring your opponent's turn.
First F: Commit: Untill the end of your next turn, players may not play foundations.

after extensive playtesting post release, it was banned and changed to the following

[Air, Chaos, Void]
Hand: 7
Vitality: 18
E: If this attack deals damage, add 1 card from your hand to your momentum. Only playable durring your opponent's turn.
First F: Commit: Untill the end of your next turn, all foundations get +2 difficulty.

As you can see she kept everything except her hand was dropped from an 8 to a 7(general concensious at the time was 8 handers should never be in the game again) AND the second ability was changed from 'no foundations' to 'foundations are harder to play'. One huge reason i'm gonna assume for this was the fact she has Void and a certain card at the time in legacy was causing huge problems that being You Will Not Escape, which would lock your opponent with only foundations in their hand and basically locking out an entire turn or 2 and prevent blocking(if your opponent only had foundations in their hand), which preventing ANY foundations from being played in either format would be a Negative Play Experience anyway. This version i personally have NEVER played or really have much of an opinion on either way, though i will say she can generate momentum with the best of them, gotta love FREE Enhances.

Best Symbol: Void

Worst Symbol: Air

[Chaos, Life, Water]
Hand: 6
Vitality: 28
While ready, after an attack is added to momentum from a card pool durring the end phase, remove the top card of your deck from the game.
E: Remove 1 card in your hand from the game: This attack gets +2 Speed.

A Gimicky character unfortunately, really only works well with the cards from her set which relied on you having more RFG'd cards than your opponent, this version while well thought out... is utterly junk unless you have a lot of RFG Retrieval, most of which sadly is now banned even in Legacy.

Best Symbol: Chaos

Worst Symbol: Life

[Chaos, Life, Order]
Hand: 6
Vitality: 27
E: Commit, dsicard 1 momentum: Durring the block step, this attack is completely blocked and deals no damage. After the block step for this attack, add it to it's owner's momentum.
F: Commit, remove the top 3 cards of your deck from the game: Discard 1 card from your card pool.

Another semi-gimicky character, this one unlike the previous version DOES have some playability to it. She allows you to as a Form discard a card from your card pool for meerly RFGing 3 cards from the top of your deck, which is nothing to sneeze at if you wanna get a trouble card out of your card pool or if you wanna re-use a Combo ability. Her other ability allows yo to if you are SURE your opponent has no other attacks you can discard a momentum and block their attack, they gain a momentum for the trouble but it is a good price to pay.

Best Symbol: Order

Worst Symbol: Chaos

[Chaos, Fire, Void]
Hand: 6
Vitality: 25
E: Commit, reveal your hand: Name a card type. Your attack gets +X Speed. X equals the amount of cards of the named type in your hand.
E: Discard 1 momentum: Your attack gets +X Damage. X equals the block modifier of the discarded card.

This version was a Demo Deck only version, and to my knowledge was never released as a full-fledged legal promo(if it did, i never knew about it nor saw one in ANY promo/scout pack), but it had 2 things going for it; First you could stack your hand with [Fre] and [Void]'s card draw and make an attack (seemingly) unblockable by just commiting and revealing your hand(the only real drawback), though you have to make damn well sure that you call the right type, which if you've built your deck with say 20 attacks and 40 foundations, more than likely you'll have 4-5 foundations in your hand when using this ability... +4-5 speed is always good to make sure an attack connects. The other ability is playable concurantly with her first ability, as for 1 momentum you get a damage bonus equal to the Block Modifier of that momentum, IF you can use [Chaos]'s selective momentum gen(like nature's defender) then you can guarentee your damage bonus to be what you want it to be.

Best Symbol: Fire

Worst Symbol: Chaos

[All, Chaos, Life]
Hand: 6
Vitality: 28
R: Commit: Before you take damage from an attack, gain X vitality. X equals the number of cards in your opponent's hand.
R: After your opponent adds any number of cards to their momentum, add up to X foundations or Assets from your staging area to your momentum. X equals the number of cards added by your opponent.

A character that from what i saw, saw VERY little play... her first ability gives you a built in life gain to (hopefully) ensure you survive an end of turn attack(most of the time your opponent will probably make their attack over the amt of vitality you could have gained anyway)... risky but it should not be overlooked. Her Other ability is where she kinda shines, she can FOR NO COST gain momentum for your opponent gaining any momentum(this is including the end phase) and thus make it to where momentum generation in your deck is boarderline redundant and you can just focus on Multiple attacks and Powerful Attacks without the drawback of having to run momentum gen in tandem with her, yeah you're adding cards from your card pool to your momentum but when you can almost TELL you're gonna kill them next turn, then you can take that risk.

Best Symbol: Life

Worst Symbol: All

now we're gonna build a deck for Cammy, i'm gonna choose the most reciently released one(Cammy8) to build, so let's take a look at how i do, i will TRY to keep it on a budget of no more than 8 rares/ultras/promos.


Intuitive Innovation x3 2/3/4 4M2 Pow: 2 +2M

Angel's Flow x3 3/2 3M3 Weapon +2H
Assault Type Lambda: Shaula x3 4/2 3M3 Multi: 2 Kick Reversal
Bat Spin x4 4/3 3H4 Kick +2L
Lela Mutsube x3 4[D: 2]/2 3L5 Pow: 2 Weapon +2M
Yi Shan's Tiger Claw x4 4/3 3H5 Stun: 1 +3H

A Hero's Training x4 0/5
Carefree x4 1/5 +1M
E. S. P. x4 1/5 +2M
False Pretenses x3 2/5 +4M
Heidern's Assassination Arts x3 +1L
Hunt for Jin x4 1/5 +2L
Idylic Kamui Kotan x3 2/6
Infected x4 0/6 +2H
Know When to Talk x4 1/5 +3L
Professional Soldier x4 1/5
Rebirth x4 1/5 +3H
Shinobi Tradition x3 2/5
The Anti K' x4 1/5/4 +3M
Torn Hero x4 1/5
Unrequited Love x4 1/5/2 +3M
Won't Settle for Second Best x4 1/5 +1H

yes that's a lot of foundations, but remember this is a starting point and i would usually play a deck like this for fun and do fairly well with it, so until next time this is NJ "Brock" Spade, Signing off.