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a short one for now as it was a request and i really didn't have TOO much to say about him

Welcome back to Character "Gems" Corner: Character Reflection Edition; today we will look at one of the few cross-license characters(Tekken and Soul Calibur), that being The Mechanical Ninja himself, Yoshimitsu. Yoshi first appeared in the game back in set 4(Soul Calibur III: Soul Arena) and was for the most part overlooked, mainly due to the fact that he just was well... there and other characters that were released in that set overshadowed him(characters like Mitsurugi5 & Talim1 for example)... Plus his promo was released shortly there after and that REALLY pushed him back into the background. Now that we have a version of him that is currently standard legal, and a fan of the game requested it... let's take a look at Yoshi himself, starting with the very first version:

[Evil, Order, Void]
Hand: 7
Vitality: 22
R: Commit, discard X cards: Instead of blocking an attack, the attack's damage is reduced to 0. X equals the damage of the attack.
E: Discard 1 momentum: Ready this card. This ability may be played while commited.

Not really that good of a character sadly, most of the time you'll be using this character to start with and quickly stacking another version on top of it, yeah you probably CAN draw a ton of cards(mostly non blocks for this example) and then discard them to your ability to turn a seemingly troublesome attack into nothing, but still i really see nothing with this character of any value... maybe one day someone will find a way to make this character worth it.

Best Symbol: eh...

Worst Symbol: ...

[Death, Order, Void]
Hand: 6
Vitality: 25
F: Commit, lose 2x vitality: Choose one: Draw X cards or your opponent discards X cards. X equals the number of cards in your hand.
F: Commit, discard 1 momentum: For the rest of the turn when you are losing vitality to pay for the cost of a card or an ability, reduce that cost by 2(min 1).

Probably the best example of how Yoshi himself acts, self-sacrificial, paying 2 vitality per card in your hand to either discard the opponent's hand OR double your hand, hmm seems like a fair trade if i'm looking to go for the kill, especially if my opponent only has 1 or 2 cards in hand and i can just draw 4-6 more attacks thru my ability, always a good thing to do. The second ability allows you to use some of the fairly good abilities you usually have in Death and Order, which are abilities with Life Cost, effectively turning all those pay X's into pay 1 or 2 for just 1 momentum and a commit, can be very abusive if you know what cards to play in him.

Best Symbol: Death

Worst Symbol: Void

[Good, Order, Void]
Hand: 7
Vitality: 24
R: Before your opponent fails a control check, their combat phase does not end. Play 1 attack from your hand following all restrictions and paying all costs. After this attack resolves, your opponent's turn continues. Playable while commited.

Oh boy... whoever thought this was a FAIR character back in the day... needs to be shot... This character only has 1 ability but it is a VERY annoying ability... fail a control check? Good, no your turn is not ending... i'm gonna throw this Shadow Banishment at you, think you can block it? Oh you didn't i'll just pick this low difficulty card out of your hand or this block out of your hand thru it's enhance and just laugh at you... yeah... very dumb character, yeah it kinda fits his unpredictiblity... but there is NO reason for this character to exist... especially with the GOD stats of 7 hand 24 vitality... and [Good] and [Order] AND [Void]... lots of damage redux, lots of card draw, lots of control... yeah i hate this character.

Best Symbol: Void

Worst Symbol: Good

[Death, Order, Void]
Hand: 6
Vitality: 27
R: Commit: After your opponent discards any number of cards due to a card effect, they lose X vitality, X equals the number of cards they discarded.
E: Commit 1 foundation: If your attack deals damage, your opponent discards X cards. X equals half the damage dealt(rounded down).

Now we have the 1 currently standard legal version, This version is one of the few "straight discard" themed characters in standard, and abilities that really tell you how to build your deck, discard, discard and MORE Discard, the good news to him all his cards in his personal set from the Quest for Souls(Set 14) set give you a boost for every time you either deal damage, force vitality loss OR force discard on your opponent. The Enhance is where he can shine best, between him and say a 5-8 damage attack you can EASILLY dump your opponent's hand if you can just make the attack HIT them; how to do this with his symbol spread... well we'll see later with the deck i make. The Response ability gives us an ability to for them discarding cards, you can force ADDITIONAL damage upon them for making them discard, yeah you commit to do so... but if you've timed it just right you can turn a game around VERY easilly.

Best Symbol: Order

Worst Symbol: Death

----Character: Yoshimitsu4

Showdown x3 3/4 +3H

Giazende Nova & Frischer Himmel x2 2/5 Unique Weapon +2M

Bad Stomach x3 4/3 3M4 Ranged +2M
Ballistic Snap Kick x4 3/2 2H5 Kick +1M[B: 2]
Deathcopter Attack x3 4/3 3H5 Weapon Combo(Ranged) +1M
Havoc Call x3 4/3 4L5 +1H
Lunar Catapault x4 3/3 1M4 Throw
Mt. Devil Divider x3 5/2 3H6 Weapon +2L
Phoenix Revival x2 7/3 4M8 Pow: 1 Stun: 2 +2L

Contacting Heidern x3 2/5
Envoy of the Queen x4 1/5 +3L
Excellent Thief x3 2/5 +3L
Financial Troubles x3 2/5
For Justice x3 2/5
Guidance x3 2/5 +3L
Hope for One's People x4 0/5 +3H
Instability x4 0/6
Into the Sunset x4 1/5 +2M
Juggle x4 1/5 +3M
Liberation x3 2/5 +3M
No Sympathy x3 2/5
Weight of Memory x3 2/5 +3M
Together Again x3 2/5 +2M

Yes it's a beefy deck and it has a few rares and ur's in it but it SHOULD work in theory, basically i've given you a good aray of Speed boosts and Damage boosts while still having a few counter meta pieces to use, 22 attacks may seem a bit much, but in reality you can trim this down to 16-20 attacks if you want, this is the attack string i personally would run if i played this deck. So until next time this is NJ "Brock" Spade, signing off.