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Thread: Dragonrail in Port Angeles

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    Dragonrail in Port Angeles

    We are currently looking for players who would volunteer as scouts for the store Dragonrail based in Port Angeles. Visit their web site for more information: For players who help out this store by providing demos and helping run tournaments, we will shower them with special promos and prizes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let us know if you can help this store out, and we'll let you know how we're gonna help you!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you!

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    most of the Washington players i know of are in 1 of 3 area's, Greater Spokane, Vancouver-Portland OR Greater Sea-Tac, so Port Angeles may be a bit too far, even for the Sea-Tac players, but if you guys can get more players in that area, good luck, who knows, may get a bit lucky.

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    That place just sounds awesome. Someone get the word out to West Coast!

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    I visited Dragonrail a few years ago, but there wasn't anyone that was playing there even though they listed tournaments on the FFG site. The problem with Port Angeles is that is 2 hours plus a $20 ferry ride to get there from the major metro area near by (Seattle). I would volunteer to go out, but I'm headed to Milwaukee in 2 months to BRING IT there!

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    Let me check my customer list for anyone in that area. If I find someone, is there an email that I should put them in contact with?
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    Send an e-mail if you find anyone in the area (or if you are someone willing to scout) and she will get in touch with you.

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    Wink Dragonrail still carries UFS!

    Just wanted to put the word out there that we still carry UFS and are still working on re-building our fan base here--I don't know who visited who claimed we didn't have any players there, but I am the store owner and I play and I always have my decks on me, so I'm not sure what could have happened.

    I invite anyone in the area to come check us out! We've just nearly doubled our singles selection are trying to ramp up enough interest to get tournaments going again!

    Owner, Dragonrail

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    Red face I live in portangeles washington and am a regular there

    I'm not going to lie a couple years ago when I moved to town the plays was okay I was just learning to play and the owner was becky she started the business in 2006 and she was grouchy watched videos or played mmorpg's and get mad when you wanted to look through her cards witch are all in binders buy set behind the counter,.... well I walked in last week remind you I probably hadent had been there for a year still having played magic I baught cards from anime kat another local shop in down town port angeles,..(but that's another story) I walked in last week and becky had sold the business to a couple stephanie the introduced herselft asked if I had a store membership and I asked her about cards I had won playing at a game day event a extended foil nighthowler and nether shop would take it before she ended up giving me 25 dollars store credit for a page of cards and I walked out with money in my pocket it was way cleaner than before and I honestly think that you can contact her via facebook she used it today for a rainy day game day event that she through she's very stolked about taking over dragonrail!

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