Welcome to Character "Gems" Corner, KOF Preview Edition, For our First artlcle of the King of Fighters XIII Review, we're gonna look at the team i've normally played in the game, The Gorgeous Team, Their gimmick in this game is very simple, small life gain and card draw abilities, which with [Life] makes so much sense, each puts their own little spin on Life Gain, so without further adue let's look at each character first

[All, Life, Water]
Hand: 6
Vitality: 26
E: If your attack deals damage, gain 1 vitality and gain 1 resource symbol of your choice until the start of your next turn.
R: After your opponent plays their second non-foundation card this turn, search your deck for 1 card that shares 3 resource symbols with your character, reveal it, and add it to your hand.

Yuri, one of the first characters spoiled for the set(outside fo the promo's) and one of the more "wow factor" characters as her ability pretty much changes a gameplay mechanic... she gains resources for dealing damage to her opponent... and gains vitality for doing so... How would someone take advantage of this, she has [Life], [Life] has a lot of Throw attacks(thanks to Gabrek) and thus she easilly can gain Symbols that she needs, why is this important some would ask... let's look at her 2nd ability. She can immediately after her opponent plays a 2nd non foundation(meaning Attack + Action, 2 attacks, 2 actions, action and asset, characters, etc) and immediately go get ANYTHING that has 3 symbols in common with her current state, at any given point if you've built your deck a certain way you're 1 MAYBE 2 throws away from being able to search for ANYTHING you want or need, also note that you have [Life] so you have access to Seigfeid's support which also adds resources to your character, also make note that this R triggers on EITHER player's turn, a very creative player may find a way to break this character within a few weeks of her being legal.

[Fire, Life, Water]
Hand: 6
Vitality: 27
R: After your attack deals 4 or more damage, gain 2 vitality. Playable while commited.
E: Commit: Your attack gets +3 Speed and +3 Damage.

Oh boy Mai4, what can be said about her that has not been said already... gain 2 vitality from each of your attacks, +3/+3 to any of your attacks... yeah... and she's been top 8ing at most of the major events she's been to since she was released back around Gencon. Not really much else to say about here is there...

AOF King
[Earth, Life, Water]
Hand: 7
Vitality: 19
First F: Gain 1 vitality. If you are at your maximum vitality, increase your maximum vitality by 1.
R(5+): After you play a kick (not as a block), your opponent adds 1 card from their discard pile to their card pool.
E: Commit: Your Attack gets +1 damage for each card in your opponent's card pool.

AOF King, oh boy... Well first off 7 hander with Life Gain... and can ALSO raise her max vitality... yeah... going 2nd you're a 20 vitality character... then 3rd turn you're 21 and so on, a nice and potentially abusive ability. Her 2nd ability is similar to what we see from Lily, being able to play an attack and then force your opponent to clog their card pool up is always a nice ability... especially when you start to look at her support, add in that her E gives +1 damage for each card in their card pool and you have a character that seems to do a lot and could potentially wreck people very easilly.

The Gorgeous Team(Team Women Fighters)[UR](Asset)[Ally][Unique]
[All, Earth, Fire, Life, Water]
Block: +2M
King/Mai/Yuri F: Commit: Commit 1 of your opponent's foundations.
R: After you gain vitality, reveal the top card of your deck.
Diff: 2 Control: 5

Grandmother's Hairpin[R](Asset)[Unique]
[Fire, Life, Water]
R: Destroy this asset: After your attack deals 5 or more damage, gain 3 vitaliy.
E: Commit: Your [Life] and [Water] attack gets +3 speed. If your attack deals damage, gain 2 vitality.
Diff: 2 Control: 5

King's Handkerchief[R](Asset)[King ONLY][Unique]
[Earth, Life, Water]
Block: +2M
After you block with this card, gain 1 vitality for each card in your opponent's card pool.
F: Remove this asset from the game: During your opponent's next draw step. You may draw up to your opponent's hand size. Only playable if there are at least 2 cards in your opponent's card pool.
Diff: 2 Control: 4

First off we have the Team Asset, commiting 1 foundation of your choice is always a nice ability in a pinch... add in the fact that whenever you use one of the Gorgeous Team Member's vit gain ability and you can check your next control check or even set up to where you can use something like Hunt for Jin to get another card in your hand. Grandmother's Hairpin... hmm... this plus Mai is more than enough to just basically reset your life after you take one heck of a beating, add in the fact this gives Fire and Water some life gain they may have been wanting for a long time... the only thing missing from this card is a block, but that would probably push the card WAY over the edge. King's Handkerchief... hmm, well vitality gain for each card in your opponent's card pool OR i can get a 2nd draw step for RFGing it... yeah... this card is VERY good, i see this being a very good staple in ANY (AOF) King deck.

Haoh Raiou Ken(Ranged)[UR]
[All, Life, Water]
Block: +1M
SZD: 5H7
R: After you play this card, cards cannot be removed or played from discard piles by effects for the rest of this turn. Only playable if you have not removed or played cards from your discard pile due to one of your effects this turn.
E: If this attack deals damage, gain 1 vitality for each resource symbol on your character. Then, if you are at maximum vitality, draw 2 cards.
Diff: 6 Control: 3

Hien Houou Kyaku[R](Kick)[Stun: 2]
[All, Life, Water]
Block: +3H
SZD: 4H3
Desperation E: This attack gets Multi: 2. Whenever a multiple copy of this attack deals damage, gain 2 vitality.
Diff: 4 Control: 3

Kachousen[U](Ranged)[Multi: 1]
[Fire, Life, Water]
SZD: 4M4
E: If this attack deals damage, multiple copies of this attack get +3 speed and +3 damage.
Diff: 5 Control: 3

Kuuga-Yuri Chou Upper(Punch)[C]
[All, Life, Water]
SZD: 4H2
The speed of this attack cannot be reduced by effects.
First E: Commit 1 card in your opponent's staging area.
Diff: 4 Control: 3

[Fire, Life, Water]
Block: +0M
SZD: 4M4
Your opponent may not play an attack as a reversal to this attack
E: Discard 1 momentum: This attack can only be blocked by cards that share at least 1 resource symbol with it. After this attack resolves, remove it from the game.
Diff: 4 Control: 3

Shiranui-Ryuu: Kunoichi-no-Mai[UR](Ranged)[Stun: 1]
[Fire, Life, Water]
Block: +3H
SZD: 2H7
If this is the 4th attack you attempt to play this turn, it ignores progressive difficulty.
E: Discard 1 momentum: After this attack resolves, both players discard all cards from their card pool and draw cards equal to the number of cards they discarded.
Diff: 5 Control: 2

Tornado Kick 95'[C](Kick)
[Earth, Life, Water]
Block: +1M
SZD: 4M2
E: This attack gets +2 damage for each card in your opponent's card pool.
Diff: 4 Control: 3

Trap Shot[R](Kick)[Multi: 3][Reversal]
[Earth, Life, Water]
Block: +3M
SZD: 2H2
Multiple copies of this attack have no enhance step.
E: If this attack deals damage, your opponent commits 1 of their foundations for each of card in their card pool.
Diff: 4 Control: 2

Venom Shot(Kick)[R][Stun: 3]
[Earth, Life, Water]
SZD: 4L5
E: Discard 1 card: This attack gets +X Damage. X equals the highest control printed on a card in your opponent's card pool.
Diff: 6 Control: 3

For the First of 9 attacks in the team we have Yuri's Fireball, 7 damage Ranged attack... high zone, yeah solid stats and a 3 check, i like it... oh wait it has abilities, it can lock down ANY effect that picks up cards from Discard Piles which kinda makes the Spider-B**** a bit of a moot point right now... as well as When The Moon, and the enhance makes it to where you basically draw 2 cards for it dealing damage, always a nice ability if you ask me. Next is Yuri's Hurricane Kick, Stun 2, 4H3 with Multi 2 if you're in desperation, add in the fact you gain 2 vitality(3 with Yuri and 4 with Mai) for each multi dealing damage, so you can almost go back to full from using this attack if you time it just right. Folding Fan, hmm... Mai makes it's multi a 10M10 need anything else be said about this? Yuri's Uppercut, yeah we can call this Pommel Smash 2.0, and once Pommel Smash rotates i expect this card to see a LOT of play as a lock down option. Ryuuenbu, hmm... no reversals to it... it can only be blocked(for one momentum) by a [Fire], [Life] or [Water] Card... and it has a +0M block... yeah... nice... oh and it's 4M4 yeah this is a good attack. Super Deadly Ninja Bees... yeah... 4th attack of the turn means no progressive difficulty AND you have the ability to refill your hand to continue the onslaught, Stun is just the icing on the cake for a very good attack, kinda surprised it's not Mai Only though... Tornado Kick, a kill condition for any character that can clog their opponent's card pool pretty quickly. Trap Shot, multi 3 and a board commital ability... need we say any more about this one. Venom Shot, yeah... get your opponent to block with Character cards or foundations and just say huge kick coming your way with stun 3... yeah... i like this attack.

[Fire, Life, Water]
Block: +1H
R: Commit: After you gain vitality, reveal the top card of your deck. If the revealed card is an attack, add it to your hand and then draw 1 card.
E: Destroy this foundation: Your attack gets +3 speed. Playable while commited.
Diff: 4 Control: 4

Constantly Improving[U](Foundation)
[All, Life, Water]
First E: Commit, commit 1 foundation: Your attack gets +X Speed. X equals your attack's printed speed.
Diff: 3 Control: 5

Cooking Frenzy[U](Foundation)
[All, Life, Water]
Block: +3M
R: Commit: After an attack deals damage, reveal the top card of your deck. If it shares at least 3 resource symbols with your character, gain 1 vitality.
R: After you block with this card, your character gains 1 resource symbol of your choice until the start of your next turn. You may choose 1 card in your discard pile and shuffle it into your deck.
Diff: 2 Control: 5

Discriminated by Gender[U](Foundation)
[Earth, Life, Water]
Block: +4M
'G: F' E: Commit: Your [Water] and [Life] attack gets Stun: 1.
[Earth] R: Destroy this foundation: After your kick attack deals damage, turn 1 of your opponent's foundations face down. That card is considered a foundation with a blank text box.
Diff: 2 Control: 5

Elegant Kunoichi[C](Foundation)
[Fire, Life, Water]
R: Commit: After your attack deals 4 or more damage, gain 1 vitality.
E: Commit: This attack gets +2 speed and -2 damage(min 1).
Diff: 2 Control: 5

Kyokugen Disciple[C](Foundation)
[All, Life, Water]
Block: +2H
E: Commit: Your attack gets +2 speed. If your opponent has more foundations in their staging area than you do, your attack gets +2 damage as well.
Diff: 2 Control: 5

Loving Sister[C](Foundation)
[Earth, Life, Water]
Block: +3H
While this card is in your card pool, your kick attacks get +1 speed.
"G: F" R: Commit: After your [Life] or [Water] attack deals damage, gain 1 vitality.
Diff: 2 Control: 6

Muay Thai Prodigy[C](Foundation)
[Earth, Life, Water]
Block: +4L
E: Commit: Your attack gets +1 damage for each card in your opponent's card pool.
[Water] R: Destroy this foundation: After your opponent plays a stun ability, cancel its effects and ready 1 foundation.
Diff: 1 Control: 4

Shiranui Training[U](Foundation)
[Fire, Life, Water]
Block: +2M
After this foundation is commited during your attacks Enhance Step, your attack gets +1 speed.
E: Commit: If your attack deals 4 or more damage, commit 1 of your opponent's foundations or assets.
Diff: 2 Control: 5

Stunning New Look[R[(Foundation)
[All, Life, Water]
Block: +3M[B: 1]
F: Commit: Draw 1 card. Only playable if you are at maximum vitality.
[Water] E: Commit: Discard all cards from your card pool. Only playable durring your opponent's turn.
Diff: 2 Control: 5

Unquestionable Loyalty[UR](Foundation)[Unique]
[Earth, Life, Water]
E: Destroy this foundation: Choose 2 cards in your opponent's discard pile and add them to their card pool face down. Only playable durring your turn.
Diff: 3 Control: 5

Unwavering Resolve[R](Foundation)
[Fire, Life, Water]
Block: +3M
R: Discard 1 momentum: After 1 of your foundations is commited due to your opponent's effect, ready 1 foundation that has not been readied this Combat Phase.
R: Destroy this foundation: After your opponent plays a form ability printed on a foundation, cancel its effects.
Diff: 1 Control: 5

Well for the Team's foundations let's see what we have here... First we have Arachniphobia, an interesting combo with this card is as follows... run it with ANY The Gorgeous Team member AND the Gorgeous Team asset, and do the following: Gain Vitality -> Gorgeous Team Asset -> Arachniphobia = 2 free cards to your hand always a good trick, yeah it has a speed pump on it that's playable while commited... but you're mainly gonna use the card draw. Constantly Improving... well commit it and 1 other foundation to double your attack's speed... yeah a first E but i'm 100% sure people are gonna find a REAL dumb use for this. Cooking Frenzy... aka Yuri's favorite card this set, Resource Symbol added when you block with it(also can lead to some VERY stupid combos in other characters) and you can recycle a card from your discard pile. as well as free life gain if you've built your deck just right yeah nice card overall. Discriminated, hmm... well Stun for [Life] and [Water] for females AND another [Earth] 'flip' effect... yeah i can see quite a few decks using this to its fullest effect. Elegant Kunoichi, well free life gain for an attack dealing damage AND a double use speed pump/damage redux ability, all it really needed was a block to make it that much better. Kyokugen Disciple... wow... just wow... +2 speed and +2 damage most of the time if you intentionally play behind in staging area... yeah... not a bad card at all... too bad Astaroth6 can't play it(naturally). Loving Sister, if nothing else this is another 6 check for [Earth] and for [Water]. Muay Thai Prodigy... yep... [Water] gets an answer to stun decks, and characters like Lily and Zoey get another Damage pump for their decks, nice. Shiranui Training, welcome to a theme in this set, foundations that commit and get a bonus effect for doing so... this one gives a speed bonus when commited durring an enhance step, AND you get to commit 1 of their foundations or assets for dealing 4 or more damage... what deck would not want this. Stunning New Look, drawing cards while at max vitality... yeah... OR Clear your card pool durring your opponent's turn... yeah... this card is pretty damn good. Unquestionable Loyalty... This card really is best with King or ANY member of Team Fatal Fury in my humble opinion... but hey... clogging your opponent's card pool is always a good thing. Unwavering Resolve, yeah this card being able to ready any card for commiting a foundation due to an opponent's effect... this card probably was a good reason that Torn Hero got banned from standard(i still say it should be Unique btw), and the ability to cancel a Form ability from staging area is also a good thing.

now as to who to build from this team... Yuri is probably gonna be a bit tricky... King i already know someone that is gonna build her and build her VERY well... so i'll go with Mai4 and show y'all how good she can be. I'll be building her off Water since i don't wanna mix any cards that i have not reviewed yet this set... so don't take this as the BEST way to build her.

Mai4 x1

Out of Your League x3 1/4

The Gorgeous Team x3 2/5 +2M
Grandmother's Hairpin x2 2/5

Gut Shot x4 5/3 3L6 Ranged +2H
Kachousen x4 5/3 4M4 Ranged Multi: 1 +3H
Kuuga x4 4/3 4H2 Punch "Stun: 1"
Ryuuenbu x4 4/3 4M4 Ranged +0M
Shiranui-Ryuu Kunoichi-no-Mai x4 5/2 2H7 Ranged Stun: 1 +3H

Alluring Temptress x4 0/5 +4L
Arachniphobia x3 4/4 +1H
Elegant Kunoichi x4 2/5
Kyokugen Disciple x4 2/5 +2H
Muay Thai Prodigy x4 1/4 +4L
Rebirth x4 1/5 +3H
Shiranui Training x4 2/5 +2M
Stunning New Look x4 2/5 +3M[B: 1]
Unwavering Resolve x4 1/5 +3M

Again it's mostly the new stuff but i'm sure people can figure out how this deck will play... Gut Shot will keep re-readying Mai so you can keep an onslaught going, Arachniphobia & Stunning New Look will keep your hand full and you're building to either kill with Folding Fan OR Ninja Bees either way you should be able to finish your opponent fairly easilly if you get a decent draw first turn, mulligan if you must, untill next time this is NJ "Brock" Spade signing off.