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Thread: UFS - Garett's House - This Sunday July 14th, 1:45 -> whenever

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    UFS - Garett's House - This Sunday July 14th, 1:45 -> whenever

    UFS/other games at my place Sunday July 14th from ~1:45pm to whenever we decide to quit.

    If going past dinner we can order pizza perhaps or do something. 102 Edenstone View NW is the address.

    Please feel free to check out the Shameless Card Players facebook group for more details of what some of the Calgary UFS'ers are up to weekly/etc.

    - Garett

    Current interest/attendance is Garett, Kevin, Vincent, Devon, and Jake. I'm going to have to try to start dragging Mark out to these to prep him for gencon but this weekend he is playing Yugioh in Toronto.

    I think Cody is a ? (if we get Evo maybe he can come watch/play at the same time) and everyone else is still a non-response after I set this up yesterday.
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    Dat moment when going to Garett's house to play cards becomes forum worthy. I'd laugh if out of towners show up.

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