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Thread: Rwby

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    A couple days back there was talk on GD of sets we'd like to see, and myself and many others talked about how great RWBY, a new web show made by the guys who did Red vs Blue, would be. Here was one of my ideas I came up with awhile ago when i got back into this game.

    Ruby Rose

    7 HS
    18 Vitality

    All Chaos Good

    You may destroy foundations in your staging area to pay for the multiple costs on your weapon attacks.

    E Commit 2 foundations: Your Weapon attack of difficulty 4 or less gets Multiple: 1.

    I'd like to get a large group of people together and show Roosterteeth and Jasco Games that RWBY would be a great addition.

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    I would drop all and do air. Also I'd make her e ability e commit only playable if you've played 2 attacks or make the static foundation cost for multiple ready foundations so it won't be abusive as I would commit 2 and destroy one of the committed foundations to multiple.

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    The problem is that if you do that it. Makes it a three foundation cost just for multiple 1 which is nowhere near worth the cost. If you made it E commit, commit 1 foundation: your weapon attack with printed difficulty 4 or less gets multiple 2 these multiple copies have no enhance phase. It balances the cost to reward ratio and makes it a little more field viable without breaking the game by being able to do it more than once without readying the character. I do agree on the air instead of all choice though. Makes more sense since air is the main multiple symbol and gives access to some other way of generating multiple other then screwing your board state.
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    I love this series; fan of Montie Orum and his Dead Fantasy series, too!

    I agree with Boredtodeath about the symbol swap, but disagree about the ability change. I think your E is fine as-is.
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    So, Yang will have the static ability "Your Punch attacks gain the "Ranged" keyword"?

    Perhaps Weiss could be based around stances or something? Maybe combos based on symbols, I'm not sure.

    Jean could be like, a 5/34 kind of character, seeing as he seems to be pretty inept in combat save for his sword and shield's capabilities.

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    Ok the e is fine but i still think the static change should be kept in mind when testing it out cause when you can make flash needle and satoshi shuiken into multiple 3 and can play out all 3 without momentum at the end of you string of attacks its awasome and would love to do it but as far as balance goes I do not know since this is all hypothetical and needs to be just played and tested

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    Yang(side 1)
    26 vit 6h
    Fire, Life, Order
    Once you are in desperation turn this card over.
    E: Your attack gets +1 speed
    R commit: Before you play a block change the modifier to 1.

    Yang(side 2)
    26vit 6h
    life fire order
    This side cannot be your starting character.
    Your block modifiers are 1 and control checks to play them cannot be modified
    E: Your attack gets +X damage.X=the number of attacks in your card pool.
    E commit 1 foundation: If you attack is not blocked, the next attack you play gets +2 to the control check to play.

    I choose to do the sides because my favorite mechanic in ufs is tiras gloomy and jolly. Instead of doing this by actions why not have a 2 sided character.

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    This set would be great

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    Yeah, I didn't spend a lot of time thinking on it, honestly it was me bored in a car ride to go visit family that spawned this idea. The All symbol was on here because All has been the main/stronger symbol for weapon attacks, and c'mon, Ruby Rose, All symbol = Red.

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    E, Commit one foundation: Your attack 2 speed and the ranged keyword. Attack cards maybe be used to block it as though they had a mid block modifier of +0.

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