HEY! If there are any players who live in North Jersey or are willing to make the trip, Time Warp Comics and Games in Cedar Grove NJ is hosting what we are calling Ruler of Time Game Day on December first! Since Shipping was a little slow getting too us because of weather here and back ups on deliveries we weren't able to run the prerelease event for Ruler of Time at our store, this being said since we have all of the product still in the box and sealed we decided to do a late event for RoT! We have a core group of local players who love the game and are coming out just to hang and have a great time playing it, we would love to have other players in the area come out and join us! For full details you can PM me here or Email me at Furnari.nick@gmail.com! If you use skype I'm usually on just add Doom.hammer666 and make sure to put your Jasco forum ID into the request message so I know it's not just some random person adding me (which has happened before). If you still play and know people who are interested and can make it that don't see this post let them know, you're all more then welcome to come!