Hey guys!

Just wanted to scout the forums a bit and see if there were any players in the area that we've maybe missed out on!

We have a bit of a scattered group at the moment, sadly.. However, we do meet up about once a week for now! Looking to get some more players and meet up more often.

As it stands now, we have several stores in the area that are carrying product including:

Dragon's Lair
Alien Worlds
Heroes and Fantasies (410 location)

For now we usually meet up at Alien Worlds, but we'd be more than willing to accommodate whatever schedules you have!

Also, if a lack of cards is a problem that you're having, that shouldn't be a problem either. Most of our group is more than willing to help out and get you the cards you need, so long as you're not wanting anything too crazy! :P

Anyway, feel free to message me on here if you like, and I'll try to respond as soon as possible!