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Thread: Other Kickstarter ideas

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    This is a great idea. Here is a list of things that Jasco could do, If another kickstater is done.

    Ask fans what licenses would they like to see.
    Make a poll/ choose one of the top 3.
    Although the fighting genre is my favorite, I would like to see something much bigger, and more universal like the name of this card game.
    Like Capcom did, when they terminated the originals versus and got the whole Marvel universe instead of individual franchises.
    The possibilities and diversity is much better.
    Just image any of these companies licenses:

    Capcom:Captain Commando; Dante; Strider; Jill, Jin, Batsu, Ect.
    SNK: Marco; Hanzo, Hibiki, Atomic guy, ect. or other licenses like Mortal Kombat or Dead or Alive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperMetalerox View Post
    Ask fans what licenses would they like to see.
    I've started another thread to this effect in the "General Discussion" category.

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    Smile Agreement

    Quote Originally Posted by boredtodeath0321 View Post
    I agree with this. I know there is long standing knowledge that arc systems (guilty gear,blaz blue,arcana hearts,persona)don't linences. So it would be kool if goes this route will allow such a thing to happen I'm for it
    I agree too!:)

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    Not sure I'm doing this right

    Man. Can something happen with Marvel to get like, X-Men vs. Street Fighter? Maybe?

    I know, I know... Getting my hopes up...

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