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Thread: Empire Circuit Stage 3 - Wappinger Falls

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    This is a current set event. No post-rotation, no special rules, just teams.

    Any other questions/concerns please feel free to ask!

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    Excellent, thanks for the heads up. My crew is currently kind of reliant on support from ShadoWar and the other sets so it's good to know that we still have those options available to us. With that known we should definitely be able to get a full team there for the event maybe two. Official team name as of the moment is The Black Tristars (Because we're all Gundam nerds XD)
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    I hate to admit it, but I am disappointed that the event has been decided as a team event. I was looking forward to a first shot at playing competitively, but it looks like it's not going to happen now. I mean, this is a pretty tough spot for a new player to be in. Team with people you barely know and if you screw up they hate you, or team with people you know and risk them getting angry at you if you forget that first enhance for the second time. Fun. Also, at least in a singles tournament, everyone who wants to play can. In this format, you need to hopefully fit everyone in perfect groups of three, or some people just don't get to play. Maybe I'm just in a strange mood, but I am frustrated.
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    This isn't Magic, or League of Legends. People here aren't going to rage at a new player for making mistakes. Even the best players find themselves completely punting a game from time to time. UFS is hard, and everybody knows it.

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    I agree 110% with Cetonis. The community for this game is incredible and brilliantly helpful and understanding of the difficulty that comes with playing the game especially when you're relatively new to it. Hell I've been playing the game for a while now and I spent three weeks forgetting to use King's (KoF XIII) first form for vitality. I got a lot more upset with myself then anyone else did. In Magic people always assume that if you're at a big event then you're a god tier player, in UFS it means you came out to have a good time and shoot the with some great people for a day. It's why the forums are still active and have a very low required moderator presence for things like punishments and warnings, it's just not a common thing. The UFS community understands that everyone is a new player at some point, and for many of us it's whenever we make a new deck or a profound change to one we built already. If you were to come out and slot yourself into a team that was short on a player, it's much more likely that if you make a mistake they'll work with you to help you if you need it then that they'll get pissy and blow up in your face like a bunch of tossers.
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    I just want to share an experience: My first ever event was US nats 2013, I had less than a month of experience and no cards. Not only did socal folk and magnus offered help in teaching me but also went out of their way to have a deck ready for me.

    I was randomly paired up with Tim and Meta for teams, the latter of which lent me cards even though i only met him for a couple of seconds and even thought me how to play when the moon correctly.
    At the end of the event I couldn't believe how nice and considerate people were.

    Honestly just have fun and ask for help, you'll get much more out of the experience.
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    Plus remember, at team of 2 is always guaranteed to lose 3 games. I would rather have a new player on my team then no one at all. Plus, you will learn a lot at this event about play style and deck building. Each play group has their own play and build styles. You'll get a ton of great ideas.
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    Thanks for the kind words. I agree this community seems very friendly and helpful. I have had mostly all positive experiences with UFS so far, and I hope it continues that way. I resonate with what SevenUpYours said about probably being angry at yourself for making mistakes more so than the other way around. I've been asking for help when needed, and most of the people I play with have been more than accommodating...helping explain situations and even giving me cards. I guess I just need to relax and have fun...haha!

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    I have been playing this game competitively since it was released and I must say that no matter who you team with, Teams is the best competitive format I have ever played in a TCG. I competed with a pick up team (TripSevens and BRad) at US Nats 2011 after I ended up going late and my normal teammates were already committed. The event was a lot of fun and it is always a blast to play with people from outside of your playgroup. Everyone is extremely accommodating and very friendly at these events. Please give it a shot before you stress about it. Teams is one of the toughest but mots rewarding formats to be good at and I would love more opportunities to compete in Team regionals.!

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    Noon noon noon start at noon. Pleassssssse. Or 1230 :P Happy New Years to all!!!!! ^____^

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