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Thread: Congrats on a Successful Kickstarter!

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    Congrats on a Successful Kickstarter!

    Just wanted to discuss the Kickstarter success, which I feel it was at about 7 times its basic funding goal.

    I hope it means great things for Jasco, great things for UFS, and more great times playing games related to Franchises/Licenses I love -

    Mega Man has got to be one of everyone my age's favorite childhood experiences and I can't wait to re-live it with minis, cards, and cardboard board
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    Demos/prototypes at nationals?!

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    Glad to say that I got a deluxe bundle and cannot wait for it to come out!
    Congrats Jasco Team and all other involved. The game looks great and the minis do too.
    Hope this helps Jasco get more word out for UFS and expand upon more franchise after seeing how successful this kickstarter was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ATLDrew View Post
    Demos/prototypes at nationals?
    I'll have prototypes, but not of Megaman. :P

    Congrats Jasco!
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    I missed my chance to pledge is there anyway to still do it?!!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CadaSan View Post
    I missed my chance to pledge is there anyway to still do it?!!?
    Yes you can via the paypal page.

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