portrait-e1402936161407-150x150UFS: The Universal Fighting System

The ultimate battleground brings the universe’s fiercest and most recognizable fighters to the trading card game arena. Players create and develop decks around their favorite character, incorporating signature moves and preparing their strategies to face other players. Every character brings unique abilities and opens up entirely new strategies, allowing for endless replayability and strategic thinking. Characters come from Mega Man, King of Fighters, Darkstalkers and Jasco Game’s very own Red Horizon property. Past cards include characters from Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, Tekken, Samurai Shodown and many more. In addition to deep and unique gameplay, UFS also features a robust tournament system that tracks the progress of our players. The top players travel to our big tournament every year to compete for an extremely special prize: what we call “the best prize in gaming”! Victors of the Nationals or World championships design their very own card which is playable in official games. Choose a character. Build a deck. Pick a fight. It’s that simple. Learn more about UFS


box-render-flat-sm-300x294-150x150Mega Man: The Board Game

Fill up your E-tanks and charge up your Mega Buster: Mega Man is coming to table tops everywhere. Players will assume the role of the legendary Blue Bomber or another iconic character and fight their way through dangers and traps, until they eventually come face to face with the Robot Master. Eventually, players will enter Dr. Wily’s castle to put an end to his evil doing once and for all. An officially licensed Capcom product, Mega Man: The Board Game incorporates high-quality, detailed, colored figures, unique character card decks, and a board that hearkens back to Mega Man’s 8-bit beginnings. This project was funded through Kickstarter, receiving an overwhelming amount of support from both board game lovers and Mega Man enthusiasts. The game is anticipated to be shipping around the world soon.


Box-Art transparentAlbion’s Legacy

Albion’s Legacy is a fully cooperative adventure board game that pits a team of players against a legion of enemies. As King Arthur and his allies travel to complete difficult quests, they must explore a kingdom that changes each time the game is played, while despair threatens to overtake the land. It will take all of your combined wit to complete your quest and save Albion. Are you up to the challenge?



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