jasco-games-ufs-logoWho do you think would win in a fight between Mega Man and Iori? Felicia and Kyo? It’s time to stop wondering, and find out for yourself with UFS: The Universal Fighting System. Our ever-expanding card game pits the world’s best fighters and characters against one another in a fight for ultimate glory and to finally settle the dispute of who would win in battle. Design a deck around your favorite character, master your strategies, and prepare to fight.

UFS enjoys a vibrant competitive scene, filled with fierce competitors and friendly competition. Players compete for spots in prestigious tournaments either at the National level or World level. Winner of these events will receive what we think is The Best Prize in Gaming: the ability to customize your own playable character and immortalize your style forever. Tournament winners will work with our card designers to create their own card, which will be legal to play in upcoming events.

UFS events come in a few varieties.


If you are interested in hosting a UFS event at your local store, please submit a “Scout Application Form” to jason@jascogames.com.

All UFS events require approval and must be submitted at least 4 weeks before the event is to take place in order to become officially sanctioned and receive prize support.


Local events are hosted at your local store or city venue.

Players receive weekly prize support for these events and will be given live rakings for their event results on the Organized Play website. Local events are designed for players of all skill levels. An official UFS scout must be present for these events and may participate in tournament play.


Regional events are highly competitive, large scale events UFS events.

Regional events are highly competitive, large scale events UFS events. A Regional event must allot atleast 1 day of play in the Standard tournament format. Tournament Organizers can apply to hold a regional event and will be accepted based on venue, player base, and overall capability to run the event. International Tournament Organizers may also apply to hold a Regional event anywhere in the world.


The Pro Tour Circuit (PTC) is for highly competitive players looking to advance their skills and become professionals at the UFS CCG.

Winners of a PTC event will not only get great prize support, but a plane ticket to another UFS event. PTC events will be in the Standard format and will follow all rules, restrictions, and banned/errata lists that apply to that format. PTC Events are limmitted to 8 events per per year. PTC events are only available in the USA and Canada.


In a UFS National Championship, players compete to win their very own character card made in their likeness, to be playable in tournament play for future UFS events.

Players may also compete in the Legacy and Extended formats to win either their own action card to be printed in future print runs, or a reprint of their favorite Legacy card. Top 8 qualifiers of a national event in UFS Standard, Extended, Legacy, or Teams Standard events will also be allotted a first round bye at the World Tournament at GenCon Indianapolis of that year. Don’t miss out on your chance to become the next champion card!


The UFS World Championship is the largest and most exciting UFS event that players can compete in.

In a World Championship event, players compete against the best players from all over the world and test their skills to become the next UFS World Champion and receive a World Champion character card. World Championship events allow players to compete in the following formats: Standard, Extended, Legacy, and Teams Standard. In addition to these events, there are several side events and fun activities for all to take part in. Whether you are a hard core gamer, or more of a casual one, UFS Worlds will be fun for all!