jasco-games-ufs-logoWho do you think would win in a fight between Scorpion and Ryu? Mega Man and Spike Spiegel? It’s time to stop wondering, and find out for yourself with UFS: The Universal Fighting System. Our ever-expanding card game pits the world’s best fighters and characters against one another in a fight for ultimate glory and to finally settle the dispute of who would win in battle. Design a deck around your favorite character, master your strategies, and prepare to fight.

UFS enjoys a vibrant competitive scene, filled with fierce competitors and friendly competition. Players compete for spots in prestigious tournaments either at the National level or World level. Winner of these events will receive what we think is The Best Prize in Gaming: the ability to customize your own playable character and immortalize your style forever. Tournament winners will work with our card designers to create their own card, which will be legal to play in upcoming events.

UFS events come in a few varieties, with details at the bottom of this page.

If you are interested in hosting UFS at your local store, please send an email to info@jascogames.com


UFS Release Dates

UFS34 – Streichholzschachtelchen – November 1st, 2019
UFS33 – Yu Yu Hakusho – September 6, 2019
UFS32 – Seventh Cross – May 24th, 2019
UFS31 – SoulCalibur VI – April 5, 2019
UFS30 – Street Fighter vs Darkstalkers – November 16th, 2018
UFS29 – Mortal Kombat – July 27th, 2018
UFS28 – Cowboy Bebop – January 26th, 2018
UFSPL01 – Capcom Platinum Series – November 21st, 2017
UFS27 – Street Fighter – May 26th, 2017
UFS26 – Red Horizon: Blood Omen – December 9th, 2016
UFS25 – Mega Man: Battle for Power – August 26th, 2016
UFS24 – World of Indines – May 27th, 2016
UFS23 – Darkstalkers: Warriors of the Night – July 10th, 2015
UFS22 – Mega Man: Rise of the Masters – April 24th, 2015
UFS21 – Darkstalkers Collector’s Tins – September 12th, 2014
UFS20 – Mega Man Collector’s Tins – April 19th, 2014
UFS19 – The King of Fighters: NeoMax – January 2014
UFS18 – The King of Fighters: Ruler of Time – October 2013
UFS17 – The King of Fighters XIII – July 2013
UFS16 – Red Horizon: Tides of Vengeance – February 2012
UFS15 – Red Horizon – December 2010

Local events are hosted at your local store or city venue.

Local events are designed for players of all skill levels. Ask your local game store about joining our Premier Store Program.

Premier Stores will receive over $1000 of retail value product at no cost to help properly promote UFS. In addition, Premier Stores receive additional prize support and signage as well as first rights to hosting UFS Pro Tour Circuit events.

Turbo events are highly competitive, large-scale UFS events.

Turbo is a fast-paced format that uses a Bracket and Double Elimination ruleset similar to what is seen in the Fighting Game Community. The Turbo format always consists of the most recent 4 sets in standard, excluding any promo cards.

A Turbo event must allow at least 1 day of play in the tournament format. Tournament Organizers can apply to hold a Turbo event and will be accepted based on venue, player base, and overall capability to run the event. International Tournament Organizers may also apply to hold a Turbo event anywhere in the world.

The Pro Tour Circuit (PTC) is for highly competitive players looking to advance their skills and become professionals at the UFS CCG.

PTC events are usually split into two days, the first day used for Swiss rounds and the second day for the top 8 playoffs. Winners of a PTC event will not only get great prize support, but a plane voucher towards another UFS event. PTC events follow the Standard format and all rules, restrictions, and banned/errata lists that apply to that format. PTC events are only available in the USA and Canada, however tournament circuits may be held in other countries (ie. UK Circuit Stop, Australian Open)

In a UFS National Championship, players compete to win their very own character card made in their likeness, to be playable in tournament play for future UFS events.

Players may also compete in the 3v3 Teams format to win an Asset card with their likeness.

These events are usually three day events.

First Day – Teams Swiss
Second Day – Singles Swiss
Third Day – Top Cuts and Finals


Don’t miss out on your chance to become the next champion card!

The UFS World Championship is the largest and most exciting UFS event that players can compete in.

In a World Championship event, players compete against the best players from all over the world and test their skills to become the next UFS World Champion and receive a World Champion character card. World Championship events allow players to compete in Standard Singles and Standard Teams events. In addition to these tournaments, there are several side events and fun activities for all to take part in. Whether you are a hardcore gamer, or more of a casual one, UFS Worlds will be fun for all!
These events are usually three day events.

First Day – Teams Swiss
Second Day – Singles Swiss
Third Day – Top Cuts and Finals

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