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UFS State of the Game – December 2015

UFS players!

If you have not had a chance to read the latest State of the Game, follow this link and check it out!


Winter is coming… Christmas is coming…. Worlds is coming… And it’s time for the State of the Game.

Greetings everyone,

Jason here. For those of you who haven’t met me yet, I am the president and founder of Jasco Games. I was sitting here working on cards for a big green Brazilian guy for the upcoming Street Fighter set and was thinking… It’s not only time for a state of the game, it’s time for a very different one.

UFS, Jasco Games, and our community are growing. Our retail reach is growing. With this growth we are learning things that come with a growing company. It is time for Jasco Games to begin approaching things a little differently. I started this company with an open door policy as well as the goal to be completely transparent with our fans. Lately, I have been so busy, I feel disconnected. The larger the company gets, the more tasks I am responsible for and the less time I have to scan the forums, look at our facebook, talk to our players and be connected with the community. I won’t stop being responsible for my tasks, but I do want to make sure you all know that I am here because of UFS.

In a few months, UFS will be reaching it’s 10th Anniversary. UFS10 is a HUGE accomplishment for us. We are only one of a hand full of card games to see a 10th year and Jasco Games will have piloted UFS for 6 of those years this coming January.

So what’s changing? Why is Jason rambling? Well, it’s time to take the next step and we need the entire community, old blood and new, to help us get to where we are going.

1. Release Dates

We have several new sets for UFS coming out and we are also sold out of sets. We have already reached out to our manufacturer to re-produce Mega Man: Rise of the Masters and Darkstalkers: Warriors of the Night booster sets. We are also looking into making more starters for Mega Man: Rise of the Masters, since Barnes & Noble bought all of our stock.

In addition to this we have:

“Indines” – A Level 99 Games property. This set will include 8 characters, and 4 with support. It is a mini-release. In order to get it to our players before Worlds, it would have had to have been completely produced in the United States by With only about 6 weeks until the major event, we do not think this is the best idea. It would take 2-3 weeks to ship to our players in this scenario and we are still waiting on 8 pieces of art before we could do this. Because of this time frame and the risk of players potentially not being able to get their hands on the cards in time, this set will release and become legal AFTER worlds.

“Mega Man: Battle for Power” – This is the next set after Indines. It is currently at the printer but we are still awaiting a print/ship date. Because it is the holiday season and then Chinese New Year in January, we don’t expect this set to arrive to our warehouse until March of next year. We are doing our best to expedite it, and we will provide news as soon as we have potential dates.

“Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat X, Red Horizon: Blood Omen, Cowboy Bebop” – These next four sets are all being developed right now. We plan to produce them all at once. This also means, once we get our footing again after Battle for Power, we will be increasing the frequency of set releases. Because of the number of titles coming to UFS, and the vast array of characters, we hope to have 5-6 sets a year moving forward.

2. Red Horizon

Although the cards appear to be stacked against us when it comes to getting a new set in stores and legal in time for Worlds, I think there are 2 very available and very good old sets that may have rotated a few sets too early. Red Horizon and Tides of Vengeance. These are both huge meta-defining sets and I dare say we made a huge mistake rotating these early. With the exception of promotional cards and a few extra bans, from today forward we are making the Red Horizon core set and Tides of Vengeance legal again. We will continue with the plan of having 10 sets legal in standard at any one time so Red Horizon will rotate again when it becomes the 11th set in standard. There will, however, be several reprints that stay legal through Blood Omen.

So I repeat, No promotional cards, just the main set for Red Horizon and Red Horizon: Tides of Vengeance are now legal again. The Box Toppers will also NOT be brought back. After the bans listed below, we are bringing 249 cards back into standard:

Tides of Vengeance cards are available here:

Original Red Horizon cards are available in stores and on our website.

3. Pre-Worlds Bans

We have decided to Ban Skull Man and Gemini Man. Skull Man is a character that will only get better as more tools are made available to him. He is extremely consistent and has already proven through multiple events that he can win no matter the deck build. Winning isn’t necessarily a problem, but our ideal UFS meta is challenging and Skull Man is a never ending bag of tools. Gemini Man is very similar. He may not be as consistent as Skull Man at grabbing what he needs to win the game, but he has essentially cost-free abilities and encourages defensive, slow, stally games that nearly guarantee him a win after he has stacked enough Gemini Mans to push any attack through.

Because of these reasons, we have decided to let these characters join the Banned Hall of Fame in Valhalla.

Standard Banned List

-Red Horizon (RH01)-
No Equal
Harnessing Chaos
Blazing Storm
Piercing Howl
Protect Your Master
Directing an Empire

-Tides of Vengeance (RH02)-
Divine Tribulation
Final Judgment
Paid to Protect
Dual Persona
Paralyzing Touch
Left for Dead
Ballistic Snap Kick
Fortress Frame
Law of the Land
Deadly Precision

-Ruler of Time (KOF03)-
Mourning the Lost

-NeoMax (KOF04)-

-Darkstalkers Tins (DS01)-

-Mega Man: Rise of the Masters (MM02)-
*Gemini Man* (New Ban!)
Master of Magnetism
*Skull Man* (New Ban!)


There is a very large number of minor rules-induced errata; for details on those and the handful of more power level-induced errata, see this thread.

4. Standard Legal Card Sets Effective December 1, 2015

– Red Horizon (RH01) (Set RH01 cards 1-99)
– Tides of Vengeance (RH02) (Set RH02 cards 1-176)
– King of Fighters XIII (KOF02) including XIII water mark promos.
– Ruler of Time (KOF03) including RoT water mark promos.
– NeoMax (KOF04) including M water mark promos.
– Mega Man / Proto Man tin mini-set (MM01) including 8-Bit Mega Man head water mark promos.
– Morrigan / Lilith tin mini-set (DS01) including Bat watermark promos.
– Rise of the Masters (MM02) including 8-Bit Dr. Wily head water mark promos.
– Warriors of the Night (DS02) including cloud moon water mark promos.
– Champion card promo batch 2 (wreathed “II” symbol)
– Blood Omen (tri-sword symbol) promotional cards. This list includes:

Focus Charge
Concussion Blast
Peaceful Messenger
Celestial Being
Valiant Assault
Psychic Upper
Sweet Nothings
Segaki Offering
Breaking Bread
Coal .45
Stinging Upper
Patriot Stance
Dragon Goddess
Crimson Barrage
Summer Heat
Presidential BBQ
Adopted Guardian
Seeking Allies
The Hunt for Spiders and Dragons
Ether’s Influence

*Jiffany Jamber* (Legal but no water mark)

5. Upcoming Pro Tour Circuit Events

Nashville TN PTC
December 12
The Game Cave

Lubbock TX PTC
Feb 13/14
Storm Crow Games

6. Play Testers/Staff

This has been a topic that has been brought to our attention several times by players, retail stores, and even non-players that talk about our games in passing. To maintain integrity for the company and the respect of our players and fans, we will no longer be allowing play testers or staff to participate in officially sanctioned events of any kind. This is a decision that we have made to encourage a fair play environment and professionalism within the game. This news may or may not effect you but is important nonetheless.

7. World Championships 2016 in Las Vegas

Worlds will be January 15-17 at Planet Hollywood for Otakon Vegas. For details please follow this link:!!

Entrance into the events are $0.00 and if you would like a badge into Otakon Vegas, please use this limited time code to get $20.00 off of your badge: OV16-282172-UFS

UPDATE: Otakon Vegas has informed us that they will be holding Day 3 in one of their event rooms inside of the convention. Players who make top cuts along with spectators who wish to watch must purchase a badge in order to enter.UPDATE: Otakon Vegas has informed us that they will be holding Day 3 in one of their event rooms inside of the convention. Players who make top cuts along with spectators who wish to watch must purchase a badge in order to enter.

Cyber December 1-5!!!

Until Midnight, December 5th, our website will have Red Horizon cards and playmats discounted! We are also extending this offer to your local retail stores throughout the month of December upon request. Don’t miss out on this offer!

Jasco Games Online Store Here:

Thank You

We have been working very hard to propel UFS beyond anywhere it has been before. Thank you all for sticking with us from the beginning and allowing us to have UFS against all odds. It is finally starting to be the game that it always deserved to be and we couldn’t have done that without you. There have been an uncountable number of mishaps and problems but there have also been so many amazing experiences that I would never think about trading for anything.
Useful links for your convenience

Comprehensive game rules:

Rules Q+A Forum:

Ban List for Standard and Extended:

Errata List for all formats:

Tournament Information Thread:

World of Indines – Complete Set (Card Images)

Here are images of cards from the latest set, World of Indines.


01 Eligor 02 Runika 03 Battlefist 04 Red Lion Crest

05 Udstad 06 Chain Blade 07 Lightning Judgment 08 Sword Breaker

09 Templar's Justice 10 Udstad Beam 11 Admonition 12 Armor Expert

13 Artiface Avarice 14 Cover 15 Golem Workshop 16 Secret History

17 Student of the Grand Chronicle 18 What Lies Ahead 19 Hikaru 20 Cadenza

21 Aerial Assault 22 Continental Divide 23 Fire Palm Fury 24 Rocket Press

25 Sea's Reach 26 Direct Hit 27 Elemental Technique 28 Elimination Mode

29 Evil Imposter 30 Game Night 31 Heart of Flame 32 Heart of the Mountain

33 Push the Limit 34 Rocket Powered 35 Sensei 36 Way of Four Fists

37 Khadath 38 Cherri 39 Ehrlite Key 40 Cut Plane

41 Dimension Door Ambush 42 Everywhere 43 Freefall 44 Soul Gaze

45 Challenge the Gods 46 Darkness Within 47 Destinies Intertwined 48 Drained

49 Exposition 50 Mathematician 51 Portal Barrier 52 Psychedelic Dream World

53 Spirit Form 54 Survivalist 55 Shekhtur 56 Tatsumi

57 Claw of Malephaise 58 Coffin Nail 59 Malefic Rush 60 Reckless Charge

61 Soul Breaker 62 Spiraling Descent 63 A Day a the Beach 64 Aqua Barrier

65 Blind Rage 66 Consumed by Malice 67 Dark Fate 68 Defy the Devil

69 Imitation 70 Improvised Weapons 71 Petty Theft 72 Simple Request

73 A World Lost to Time 74 Astronomy Tower 75 Frozen Palace 76 Graven Castle Ruins

77 World of Indines 78 Assassination Attempt 79 Call the Storm 80 Death Aura

81 Deathblow 82 Dragonflare 83 Hydra Fork 84 Leap Into the Fray

85 Petrifying Gaze 86 Slaughterhouse 87 Soul Trap 88 Spellbreaker

89 A Lesson in Magic 90 Beyond the Gate 91 Call of the Dragon Queen 92 Developmental Years

93 Hand Puppets 94 High Seas Adventure 95 Impressionable 96 Rook Takes Pawn

97 Seasoned Guide 98 Spellbound 99 The Wrong Hands

Turbo Format

Attention stores and players hosting a World of Indines event.

The World of Indines pre-release and release events will be sealed format.

Each participant will need 1x World of Indines turbo deck. These decks come with 42 fixed cards and 18 random rares.

Players will have 15 minutes to create a 41-card turbo deck (including starting character) from the cards they received upon entry.

Please follow the Turbo Tournament Rules below:


1) Tournaments are double-elimination, bracket style. There is a winners and losers bracket. All players start in the winners bracket. As soon as a participant receives a loss, that player moves over into the losers bracket. Another loss is elimination from the tournament. A match cannot result in a tie. If a match would result in a tie both players will move into the losers bracket. The top finisher of the losers bracket will play the top finisher of the winners bracket. The player representing the losers bracket must win 2 games in order to win the tournament (one win knocking the winners representative into the losers bracket and a second win eliminating that player from the tournament), while the representative of the winners bracket only has to win 1.

2) Matches are single games with a 30 minute time limit.

3) When time runs out in a match, players have 1 minute to report their game. If there is no report after the allotted time, the match results in a double game loss and both players will be moved into the loser’s bracket.

• If both players were in the losers bracket and did not complete the match when time is called, both players are eliminated from the tournament. o There is no time limit/double-elimination from the Bracket Finals or Grand Finals.

4) Deck Construction

• Decks must be exactly 41 cards (40 main deck + 1 Starting Character)
• Up to 4 copies of any card
• No sideboard

5) Each player may elect to take a mulligan.

• The player going first may choose to put all cards in their hand on the bottom of their deck and then draw back up to their starting hand size. Then they shuffle their deck.
• The player going second may take a “Turbo Mulligan” Turbo Mulligan- Choose any number of cards from your hand and put those cards on the bottom of your deck. Draw back up to your starting hand size, then shuffle your deck.

6) When cycling the deck, remove 5 cards from the game instead of the standard 10.


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