2019 UFS Pro Tour Circuit Prize Support

Upcomming Foil Full-Art PTC Promos

February PTC Promo

March PTC Promo

April PTC Promo

Prize Support Breakdown:



  • 1 copy of the exclusive monthly Foil Full-Art PTC promo for each Swiss round completed

Top 8

  • Non-Embroidered Top Cut PTC Playmat
  • Additional full set of exclusive Foil Full-Art PTC promo

5th-8th Place

  • 6 Packs of most recent UFS set

3rd-4th Place

  • 12 Packs of most recent UFS set


  • 1 Box of most recent UFS set


  • Plane ticket voucher towards UFS World or U.S. National Championship
  • Embroidered PTC Champion playmat
  • 2 Boxes of most recent UFS set


2019 UFS PTC Calendar

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