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We’re here to talk about the current tournament experience, planned updates and our future plans. In the last few months, we’ve received many suggestions and comments about the current state of our Organized Play. Here’s what we have to say on the topic



Updating the Tournament Floor Rules:


UFS Tournament Floor Rules Version: 1.2 January 2019


Decklist Errors


Let’s cut straight to the elephant in the room. The following rule has been in effect since April of 2017.


“Players whose deck does not exactly match their deck list at registration will be disqualified from the event. Players are encouraged to take necessary steps to ensure they maintain the same deck list throughout the entire tournament.”


Many players have expressed concern over the severity of this penalty. This rule was implemented in order to make the tournament experience as consistent as possible. As previous card players, we understand how frustrating it can be when you receive an incorrect or inconsistent ruling (from judge’s discretion). The intent for this rules’ severity was to enable a baseline for any issues found during top cut deck checks, so that all players receive fair and equal treatment.


We will be changing this rule in a way that maintains consistency but does not punish players as harshly for their clerical mistakes. The new rule is as follows:


“An investigation should be made by the judge to find if there is cheating, if there is not, follow the described procedures: 


  • DQ if the player presents a physically illegal deck,(Under 60 card deck, 5+ copies of a card or Banned/Rotated Cards)
  • Game loss every round of top cuts if a player’s deck list is illegal but can be fixed after side boarding. The player may still sideboard during subsequent rounds once the correction is made.
  • Game loss every round of top cuts if a player presents a deck that does not match their  decklist (and is not illegal). The player must play with the cards on the decklist for the remainder of the tournament.
  • DQ if a decklist cannot be corrected after attempting to sideboard.



We hope this change alleviates the number of disqualifications that are given out in future UFS events. 






The topic of going first having an advantage has been discussed for years since UFS was released. Jasco Games will be conducting intensive playtest and tournament data to determine if this is indeed a major advantage or strictly psychological. In the case of a 55% or greater advantage to the first turn player, we will be looking into possibly implementing the Turbo Mulligan rule to give going second a balancing factor. We will also need to test the results of this to make sure the pendulum does not swing too far in the opposite direction.


Seeding Advantage, Intentional Draws and Diversity


At this time we feel as though no change to Diversity is required. It is performing its role of helping to diversify the tournament experience in a satisfactory way. However diversity can lead to diversified players not being invested in playing the final rounds of a tournament. Often, not playing their best or giving away wins. Intentional draws often present a similar issue. 


To solve this, we will be adding the following rule to the Elimination Rounds section.


“When determining play order for elimination rounds, the player with higher rating will go first instead of randomly deciding.”


Also, for future events, player that have been diversified will receive prizing equivalent to making the first round of top cuts. These changes once enacted, will hopefully help to increase the amount of meaningful games of UFS that get played. 


We believe these improvements will create a more enjoyable tournament environment.


Release of LGR v0.8


UFS LGR Update: vo.8 January 25, 2019


With the upcoming release of Soul Calibur 6, some minor rules needed adding and changing.


LGR v0.8 Changelog



:: A new G. has been added to clarify the beginning of an attempt to block. The former G. are now contained within that (E.4.7.1’s reference is adjusted).


:: Changed G. to make it so that attacks can be aborted before their block status is determined


The above 2 rules have been added to clarify how Akuma 2 interacts during the block step. Under the new rules, when Akuma flips his attack, your opponent will not be able to respond with effects on their block because the attack will have already been aborted. The rules have been changed in order to have more clarity with how the block step works.


:: Added rule H.3.1.7 to allow for watermark-only abilities, and replaced rule B.6.9.2 with one similar to B.6.8.2


:: Added rule H. to cover [Once per Enhance Step]


:: Removed rules H. and H., replacing them with rule H.5.2 to more broadly cover any way in which abilities with control check costs may be limited in attempts


:: Added rule H.5.3 to formalize the functionality of Future Poolside Date


:: Rule I.2.5 has been changed once again. Now, a play restriction preceding a keyword ability places that restriction on the granted ability.

Note: This means that Shouoken is now a Stun attack in any character, but only Sakura may play the Stun ability, Thundering Impact is now a Powerful attack whether in or out of Deadlock, but the Powerful ability my only be played when the Deadlock criteria is met, etc. The Jet FAQ post has been updated to reflect these changes.


:: Added rule J.3.2.5 to make it so that effects like Glacial Assault do not fire when the card is destroyed as a face down


:: Added rule J. to allow for conditional replacement clauses in effects. A note has been added to J.1.2.


:: J.4.2.1 changed “requires” to “references” to clarify the function of cards like Kung Jin


:: Added rule K.3.9.2 to formally define a player’s “next card”


:: Added rule K.3.22 to formally define a “<card type> ability”


:: Added rule K.3.23 to formally define “multiple cost”, “powerful cost”, etc.


:: Added rule K.3.24 to allow for simpler phrasing of future effects.


:: Added rule K.4.3.1 to formally define a sealed card


If you have any questions, please contact Ryan Pham at Ryan jascogames.com


Thank you to everyone for your continued support!

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