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Finally after many months of reading, re-reading and some collaborative work with expert resources I’m happy to present what’s changed.  The following will be a fairly nitty gritty break down of the major changes from version 0.5 to 0.6
If anyone has any feedback regarding the current rule set, please feel free to shoot me an email Ryan@Jascogames.com.


Quick addendum, E.1.6 has been updated to support an errata pertaining to Edward & Ein allowing them to attach their characters before drawing their opening hand.


LGR changelog


–Major changes–

:: The reversal ability (I.3.10, now I.3.9) now reads “R [Hand] Play this card as a reversal: After your opponent’s blocked attack resolves, add this attack to the attack stack.”

To support this, attack stack (F.2.3) rules now prevent attacks played as costs from going on the attack stack. A step has also been added to the process of playing a card or ability to support playing a card as a cost. Lastly, the details of playing an attack as a reversal have been tweaked (this should not affect gameplay).

:: The Transitional Zone (D.2.5) has been renamed the Transit Zone.

:: Cards that are being played from the card pool no longer go to the transit zone while in the process of being played. Note that in the case that the check for such a card fails, this will now count as a card being discarded from the card pool (although not due to an effect). See (E.4) for details.

:: The attachment zone has been reworked. It is no longer a zone, instead a card in the staging area can simply have the status of being attached to another card. Also, attached characters in the staging area cannot be impacted by effects, unlike other attached cards. See (D.2.2.3) for details.

:: Section I.2.5 (formerly I.2.4) now handles all restricted keyword abilities, and furthermore the way these work has been changed.

Instead of operating on the printed values of a card, restricted keyword abilities grant continuous abilities, which in turn grant the associated keyword ability once the condition is met.
– This means that once a card gains a keyword by meeting the condition laid out, it retains that keyword until its current state refreshes.
– Under these new rules, cards with restricted keywords do not have that keyword as a printed value under any circumstances.
– Furthermore, restricted keywords are not counted for the purposes of effects like Garden Mascot, though the continuous ability may give it a keyword if the conditions are met.

To support this and other potential functionality for Reversal, some minor tweaks were made in the card values section (C.3.2.1 and C.


–Modified Rules–

:: Attached effects (J.2.1) have been renamed static effects.

:: J.2.2.1 and J.2.3.1 have had a clause added to end effects at the end of the turn if no alternative end point is specified.

:: K.4.11 (now K.2.8) now supports the “ability that would” wording in light of recent card printings.

:: K.2.8 (now F.3.1.3) has been tweaked to clarify that “During the End Phase” effects occur regardless of possible effects that prevent normal clearing.

:: E.4.10 (now E.4.11) has been extended to support Too Damn Good! and potential future effects.

:: F.2.3.4 (now F.2.3.5) has been corrected to include flipping (or unflipping) an attack.

:: C. has been corrected to include replacing a current state.

:: Descriptions of the locations of card properties (B) have been updated to support both old and new card frames.


–Added Rules–

:: A section (A.4) has been added to clarify certain terms used within the rulebook that are not otherwise defined elsewhere.

:: Rule J.1.2 was added to clarify the creation of game events during an effect’s execution. The two following rules were swapped in order for relevance.

:: K.4.4.1 (now K.3.4.1) has had a subrule added to explicitly allow for traits and other qualifiers (i.e. “Your punch attack”).

:: The term “+n block” is now codified (B.6.4.2) to support effects like Faye’s E.

:: Rules J.3.2.4, J.3.3.3, J.3.4.3, and J.3.5.3 have been added to aid in delineating effect classes. In particular, (J.3.5.3) clarifies that the effects of cards like Example of Perfection, Incomplete, and Mad Pierrot do not create individual assigned effects.

:: Rule J. has been added to clarify that effects modifying future control checks are fired effects.

:: Rule E.3.1.3 has been added to clarify the behavior of Feel My Power and similar effects.

:: Rule D.2.5.2 has been added to clarify the rules surrounding effects like Poker Alice or Gateway Shuffle.

:: Rule E.4.5.1 has been added to cover extreme corner cases relating to effects like Peaceful Coexistence.

:: Rule K.3.17.1 has been added to ensure action cards behave as desired under certain older effects.

:: Rules C. and J.2.5 have been added to clarify that “bookkeeping” occurs before fired effects are checked for.

:: Rule B.6.5.2 has been added to explain that abilities are in the text box too, not just keywords.

:: Rule H.2.2.3 has been extended to support abilities like Digital Manipulation.


–Removed Rules–

:: Rules unrelated to the playing of a single normal game, i.e. rules about sideboards, game series, alternate formats etc. have been removed.

:: Rules allowing for Deadlock to be used as a keyword ability similar to Desperation, have been removed as no card exists that does so.

:: The following redundant or unnecessary rules have been removed:



–Other changes–

:: Duplicate numbering of I.2.2 has been fixed.

:: The following rules received minor spelling, phrasing or other updates that have no impact:

C.3.3.1’s note
C.’s note
I.3.8.2 (now I.3.7.2)
I.3.14.1 (now I.3.13.1)
K.4.13 (now D.2.1.3)


–Relocated rules–

K.2.8 — F.3.1.3
K.2.9 — F.4.1.2
K.2.10 — K.5.4
K.2.11 — E.4.1.3
K.2.12 — G.
K.2.13 — B.6.4.2
K.4.11 — K.2.9
K.4.13 — D.2.1.3
K.4.14 — E.
K.4.15 — E.
K.4.17 — G.
K.4.22 — K.2.10
K.3 — J.5 — K.4 (swapped)
L.1 — B.6.6.2
K.6.1 — I.

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