Attention Heroes, the FREE My Hero Academia CCG Demo Decks featuring Izuku Midoria and Katsuki Bakugo are now available to order!

Due to high demand, these decks are limited to 1 per order.

Shipping will be charged.

The Izuku Midoriya Demo Deck contains the following:

1x Izuku Midoriya

3x 5% Detroit Smash

4x Delaware Smash

3x Midoriya Strike

3x Velocity Hammer

4x Bonds of Friendship

4x Note Taking

4x Passing the Torch

4x Rigorous Training

The Katsuki Bakugo Demo Deck contains the following:

1x Katsuki Bakugo

3x Double Barrage ULTRA!

4x Explosion Charge

3x Explosive Brace

3x Explosive Charge

4x Aggressive Temper

4x Arrogant Disposition

4x Loser!!!

4x Prideful Personality

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