These bans are effective March 3rd, 2017.

Standard Format Legality + Ban List


New Bans


Proud Nose
An attack has a 1 check because it is very powerful, and there should always be great risk while playing with these kinds of attacks. Not only does Proud Nose eliminate all risk of checking a 1, but it is also a 1 difficulty foundation meaning it can be played turn 1 without any risk.


A Lesson in Magic
After explaining why Proud Nose was hit, it should be no surprise that A Lesson in Magic is also banned. While most of the tournament winning 1 check decks were not playing A Lesson in Magic, they would definitely make the switch after losing Proud Nose, and the fact still remains that rechecking should not be so undercosted.


Shield Ram
We have been talking about this card internally for a very long time and we have decided that we no longer want Shield Ram in competitive play. This attack is very low input with massive output, offering card pool clear and card draw just for resolving the attack, not having to do damage or anything conditional. There are answers to Shield Ram and our players play them, but we no longer want Shield Ram in our Standard format.


We pay very close attention to our competitive scene and we see how oppressive Ryu can be. He is capable of winning with 0 foundations and can be a negative play experience for both new players and veterans alike. There are very little ways to interact with Ryu’s playstyle, and we will not have our players play specific symbols just to deal with an oppressive character.

One of the things that makes Ryu very strong is that he currently has an attack lineup that is very low input that he makes high output. We may look at unbanning Ryu once these attacks rotate. With the next UFS release being the first Street Fighter set under Jasco Games, it is safe to assume that *Ryu* will be making a comeback.



We are also re-issuing a functional errata to Diplomatic.

E Commit: Your attack gets +1 speed.
R (5+): After any number of cards leave your opponent’s card pool due to their effect, they lose 2 vitality.

This will further make Diplomatic function as intended. Players will no longer be able to burn their opponent with Diplomatic using their own card effects (ie. Khadath, Pulled to Majigen, Skull Barrier).



Banned – Standard

-The King of Fighters XIII (KOF02)-


-Ruler of Time (KOF03)-

Mourning the Lost

-NeoMax (KOF04)-


-Darkstalkers Tins (DS01)-


-Mega Man: Rise of the Masters (MM02)-

*Gemini Man*
Master of Magnetism
Shield Ram
*Skull Man*

-Darkstalkers: Warriors of the Night (DS02)-

Tama Yose

-World of Indines (IN01)-

A World Lost to Time
A Lesson in Magic

-Mega Man: Battle for Power (MM03)-

*Napalm Man*
Proud Nose

-Promotional Cards-

Summer Heat

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