These bans are effective May 31st, 2017
Standard Legality List – May 31st, 2017


Banned List – Standard

-Red Horizon: Blood Omen (RH03)-
-Mega Man: Battle for Power (MM03)-
Gravity Hold
*Napalm Man*
Proud Nose
Scorch Wheel
-World of Indines (IN01)-
A World Lost to Time
A Lesson in Magic
-Darkstalkers: Warriors of the Night (DS02)-
Tama Yose
-Mega Man: Rise of the Masters (MM02)-
*Gemini Man*
Master of Magnetism
Shield Ram
*Skull Man*
-Darkstalkers Tins (DS01)-
-The King of Fighters: NeoMax (KOF04)-
-The King of Fighters: Ruler of Time (KOF03)-
Mourning the Lost
-Promotional Cards-
Summer Heat




New Bans
Demitri is a very oppressive control character. Foundations are the building blocks of UFS decks, and Demitri gets to permanently shut them off along the course of his game. He has easy access to vitality gain and can build a tremendous wall that is very hard to break through.
Two common phrases from the community:
“Why play this character when I can just play Demitri?”
“I would love to play this deck, but there’s no way I can beat Demitri.”
Zoey has an all-in-one ability that offers easy attack recursion, card pool clear, and free foundation building. She generates way too much value for a small cost, essentially making her an eight handsize character with 26 life.
Gravity Hold
We see Gravity Hold as the biggest offender in the “40+ attack weenie-rush aggro” decktypes. Gravity Hold is a cheap 3 difficulty attack that doesn’t count towards progressive and ignores most interaction becasue it has Flash. It does too much damage for what it is. SPLAM was a 5 difficulty attack from Tides of Vengeance with the same progressive difficulty static as Gravity Hold, and it was a terrific card that almost pushed it’s boundaries. Gravity Hold is a 3 difficulty version with Flash and 1 less damage.
Scorch Wheel
Control checks and progressive difficulty are laws that keep UFS decks honest. Scorch Wheel is a big offender because it is a super strong attack that ignores progressive difficulty. You can be very deep in a kill turn and only need to check an easy 5 to put 7+ damage on the board. It also has a very powerful free draw ability.
We have concerns with extremely cheap poke attacks doing too much damage, and this attack is one of them. Sturmwaffe is undercosted and has been doing heavy damage in the tournament scene. It will only get better with the Tech attacks in our next UFS set, Cowboy Bebop.



Ever Hopeful has been issued a most recent print errata.

Ever Hopeful
R [Card Pool] Discard 1 momentum: After you play this card, add it to your staging area.
E Remove: Add 1 of your opponent’s foundations to their hand.


We are also issuing a functional errata to Shouoken so that it doesn’t interfere with cycling the deck.

R [Card Pool]: After you play this card, cards cannot leave your opponent’s card pool or discard pile due to costs or effects for the rest of the Combat Phase.
E Discard 1 momentum: Reveal the top card of your deck.

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