Turbo is a fast-paced format geared towards newer players and veterans alike. Compared to the Standard format, players do not need as many cards to play Turbo and the format always consists of the latest four sets. Deck construction notes are listed on below.


* For stores interested in setting up a Turbo event, please send an email to turbo@jascogames.com for approval. Once approved, a Jasco Games representative will create your Matcherino event page.


1) Turbo Tournaments

– Tournaments are double-elimination. There are two brackets: Winner’s [W] and Loser’s [L].

  All players start in the [W] bracket. As soon as a participant receives a loss, that player moves

  into the [L] bracket. A loss in the [L] bracket results in elimination from the tournament.

– Ties: If players are unable to defeat their opponent in the allotted time limit, resolve the current card (if any), then the player with the highest current vitality wins the game. If both players are at the same current vitality, the player with the fewest cards in their removed from game pile wins the game. If both players are still tied, both players must make a die roll-off on a D6. Both players must roll the same die. The player to roll higher than their opponent will receive the win and the lower die roll will receive the loss. In the case of a tie, players will re-roll until there is a winner.

– The top finisher of the [L] bracket will play the top finisher of the [W] bracket in the Grand Finals. The player in the [W] bracket only has to win 1 game to win the tournament. The player in the [L] bracket must win 2 games in order to win the tournament (one win to put the opponent into the [L] bracket and a second win eliminating that player from the tournament). Note: That these are still separate best of 1 games.

– The Diversity Rule is not enforced in Turbo tournaments.


2) Matches

– Matches are a single game with a 30 minute time limit.

– When time runs out in a match and a player does not report the winner of the match within 5 minutes of the time limit, that player is disqualified from the tournament. 

– In the case of a double K.O. during play, players will follow the above rules for a Tie.

– There is no time limit for Winner’s Finals, Loser’s Finals or Grand Finals.


3) Deck Construction

  • Decks must be exactly 41 cards (40 main deck + 1 Starting Character)
  • Up to 4 copies of any card
  • No sideboard


  • Only cards with the following watermarks are legal in Turbo. In addition, only cards from their respective sets can be played. This means that no champion cards or promo cards are allowed in Turbo with the exception of Box Toppers.

   –   8-bit Bass (MM03 Mega Man: Battle for Power, cards 1 – 108 and P 1 Dark Laser)

   –   Tri-Swords (RH03 Red Horizon: Blood Omen, cards 1 – 162 and P 1 *** Nehtali ***)

   –   Street Fighter 30th Anniversary (SF01 Street Fighter, cards 1 – 189)

   –   Cowboy Bebop (CB01 Cowboy Bebop, cards 1-145)

Cards from Capcom Platinum Series with the 8-bit Bass watermark are also Turbo legal.

Turbo Banned List:

Sturmwaffe – Red Horizon Blood Omen #44
**Zoey** – Red Horizon Blood Omen #109
*Napalm Man* – Mega Man Battle for Power #46


– Players may use older versions of cards that were reprinted with the above watermarks,

  as long as they have the same name and function the same as the most recent printed version.


4) Turbo Game Rules

– At the start of the game, each player may elect to take a mulligan.

  1.     a) The player going first may choose to put all cards in their hand on the bottom of their deck

            and then draw back up to their starting hand size.

  1.     b) The player going second may take a “Turbo Mulligan

            Turbo Mulligan- Choose any number of cards from your hand and put those cards on the

            bottom of your deck. Draw back up to your starting hand size.

  1.     c) After both players complete the mulligan, each player that took a mulligan shuffles their

            deck. Their opponent has the option to cut their deck once shuffling is complete.

– When cycling the deck, remove 5 cards from the game.

All other Standard UFS game rules apply.


5) Registration

 To register for a UFS Turbo event, select the event date and venue from the official Matcherino website and create a Matcherino account. A player’s registered User ID must remain the same throughout the entire 2017-2018 Turbo season in order to receive points and prizes.

Things to keep in mind when registering for a UFS Turbo event:

– Registration for all events will remain open until the posted start time of the event. Once the start time has passed, event registration will automatically close.
– The entry fee for each UFS Turbo event is $5.00. Half of the entry fee will go to the Venue for hosting the event. The remaining half of the entry fee will go toward upgrades to the turbo charged sports car.
– All payments are final upon the official start of any sanctioned UFS Turbo event.

– An event must have a minimum of 8 registered players in order to be sanctioned. Players may view the official Matcherino event page to see how many current players are registered.

– In the case of an event not reaching the minimum player count, players will be refunded their entire entry fee and the event will not be recorded.

– Players must bring their printed or digital receipt as proof of purchase to the venue in order to be verified and entered into the event.


It is ILLEGAL for a venue to accept direct payments for UFS Turbo events! Any payments that are not made through the official Matcherino website are not recorded into the event database and cannot be accepted. Taking direct payment through any means other than the official page is fraudulent and will warrant immediate legal action!
– A venue must register for an event 21 days prior to its start time and may register for as many events as they would like during the UFS Turbo season.

– Please see the “How to run a UFS Turbo Event” tab for more details on hosting an event.

6) Prizes!

– Players of a sanctioned UFS Turbo event earn 50 Redemption points for participating.

– Players that win a UFS Turbo event earn:

  • 1,000 additional Redemption points (1,050 total points after participation).
  • 3 Player of the Year points.
  • Qualification to participate in the 2017-2018 UFS Turbo World Championship.
  • Improved seeding in the UFS Turbo World Championship (see notes below).

 -Top 8 players at the UFS Turbo World Championship will receive:

5th through 8th place: 3 Player of the Year points.
3rd & 4th place: 5 Player of the Year points.
2nd Place: 10 Player of the Year points.

1st Place: 15 Player of the Year points.

-The UFS Turbo World Champion will receive the keys and title to a custom built, turbo charged sports car. Half of the entry fees collected from the 2017-2018 turbo events will be used on improvements and upgrades to the car. Jasco Games will be posting updates periodically on benchmarks made for the upgrades, including images and videos of the grand prize.

-Unlike Standard UFS tournaments, players earn no Player of the Year points during round play.

 -For each UFS Turbo event that a player wins, they will receive higher seeding in the UFS Turbo World Championship.
-Redemption points earned during the UFS Turbo season may not be shared with other players.

-All UFS Turbo Redemption Points will be awarded to players AFTER the World Championship.


7) Important Dates

– The 2017-2018 UFS Turbo Season begins on September 23, 2017.

– The final date of the UFS Turbo season is August 11, 2018.
– The Turbo World Championship will take place September 1 & 2, 2018 in Omaha Nebraska.

– The next UFS Turbo Season begins September 21, 2018.

8) Turbo Events Outside of the United States

-Venues and players wishing to participate in UFS Turbo events outside of the United States follow the same rules as above with the following exception:

  • The entry fee for International UFS Turbo events will be handled on an event-by-event basis. Please e-mail turbo@jascogames.com for assistance.
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