Step back into the golden age of strategy card games with Pixel Tactics!  Recruit your Robots, build your unit, and take your forces to battle against your opponent in a light, yet deep, tactical duel!

Each Robot in your deck has 5 ways to go into battle, and choosing the right time to use the right Robot will be critical to victory!

Mega Man Pixel Tactics is also fully compatible with all other Level 99 Pixel Tactics Sets

Mega Man can use the powers of your Rival’s defeated Robots against them!

Proto Man can pick up Robots to save and recruit when it is most beneficial!

Bass will let you repeat the special weapon of your most recently defeated Robot!

Complete your Mega Man Pixel Tactics experience with the official Mega Man Pixel Tactics Playmat!

Check out the Jasco Games store to find the Mega Man Pixel Tactics package that’s right for you!

Mega Man Pixel Tactics Store Page

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