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The US National Championships are coming to Atlanta next weekend (October 19th), and we are making one final meta-shaking change before that event.  As of today (October 9, 2018), Quan Chi will be banned from officially sanctioned tournament play.  We have come to this decision after observing both the PTC events and the UK National Championships.

We were very happy with the fun and unique character design Quan Chi brought to the table, encompassing his flavor from the Mortal Kombat video game series.  However, as is often the case when trying out brand new mechanics, Quan Chi was more powerful than we had anticipated.

The main reason for banning this character and why we think he got out of hand quickly was the combination of his two abilities.  Quan Chi’s enhance is very powerful on its own, allowing his character access to once per turn abilities more than once per turn.  His response also has proven to be more of an NPE (Negative Player Experience) than we had anticipated.  The negative 1 damage for every enhance your opponent plays stacks up very quickly and makes several other characters and decks no longer function.  In retrospect, we would have restricted both his E and R abilities to make them fair to the opposition.

With this announcement we would also like to share that many previously banned characters are getting an MRP (Most Recent Print) Errata in the near future.  UFS is all about playing your favorite characters, so on our next print run many banned characters in standard will be getting a rework and re-release.  We expect the MRP characters to come back to standard in either January or February of 2019.

We thank you all for your continued support for UFS and can’t wait to see you at US Nationals!

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  • brandon berry
    October 9, 2018 at 5:41 pm Reply
    I love you guys!!!! #Xquanchi

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