Jasco Games has a UFS Pack Redemption Program in order to give our players more bang for their buck. Now, by buying packs from sets produced by Jasco Games, players can mail in their booster pack wrappers for various promo cards of their choice.

On the back of every booster pack wrapper, there is a Icon_Deathresource symbol with the word “Redemption” printed above it. These packs can be traded in for the cards shown on this page. The redemption price listed next to each card tells how many packs are required to trade in for it.

When you are mailing in your packs for redemption, please mail the redemption form along with your wrappers in order for us to process your order. The Redemption Form can be found below. Your address must be printed clearly and in full on the form in order for you to receive your order.

Raging Demon300
Custom Current Jasco Licensed Art (Specify on mailed-in order sheet)300
Single Sign On provided by vBSSO