Here you can find the Seventh Cross Set Preview!  Select cards will be added to the Preview beginning Friday, April 19 through Saturday, April 27.  The remaining cards of the set will be added Sunday, April 28.


  • April 19th – D’Janette*, Zsolt*, Spell Circle, Wishing Ward, Profane Sanctuary, Shimmer of Madness, Solemn Exorcism, Power Cycle, Edge of Death, Hell’s Reach, Wild Hunt
  • April 20th – Celinka*, Geoffrey*, Remiliss
  • April 21st – Eugenia*, Taisei*, Tournelouse*
  • April 22nd – Swift Exorcism, Kirin Soul, Dominion over Earth, Plot Hook, Inviolable Judgment, Napalm Stream, Nightmare Tares, Evil Eye, Immortality, Cross Up
  • April 24th – Celinka**, D’Janette**, Eugenia**, Geoffrey**, Remiliss**, Taisei**, Tournelouse**, Zsolt**
  • April 25th – Moon Flare, Affliction, Color Spray, Crusader’s Oath, Golden Arrow, Caustic Vent, Ashen Claws, Bargeist Fang, Lightning Spike, Whip Crack
  • April 26th – Moon Ritual Dance, Death Knell, Absinthin Arrow, Inquisition, Chaos Scissors, Netherstorm, Fanatical Purification
  • April 27th – Charnel Blast, Queen of Hearts, Consumption, Dust to Dust, Blaze of Fervor, Dragon’s Tongue, Firefly Gunner, Withering Toxin
  • April 28th – Full Set
We’re excited to announce two new mechanics with the release of Seventh Cross, Gauge and Freeze!
Here are their associated rules text.
To “freeze” a card is to create the assigned rule effect “That card does not ready during the next Ready Step.”
A “frozen” card is any card with this effect assigned to it.
Gauge grants the ability “E: If this attack deals X or more damage, search your deck and discard pile for a character card that shares a name with your starting character and add it to your staging area. X equals the rating of the Gauge keyword granting this ability.”
Gauge was decided on because we wanted a universal mechanic for transforming just like Exceed. However a direct translation of the mechanic would be unreasonable.
We look forward to seeing how you use this new mechanic with the upcoming characters as well as giving life to old characters.
Please expect to see an LGR update closer to the release.
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