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Salutations UFS Fans,

Once again, we come to you with the State of the Game address. If this is your first time reading the SotG, welcome to the fun! The SotG is here to give our players a more behind the scenes look at what is going on with everything UFS. We will discuss news, hype, tournament information and the UFS community at large, all revolving around our favorite game. So, without further adieu, we bring you the April 2017 State of the Game!




Street Fighter!


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The topic on everyone’s mind right now before everything else is, “When is Street Fighter Legal?” and furthermore, “When is it going to release?” To give you all the scoop on the production of the set, the booster displays have already shipped out to our distribution centers as well as our Jasco Games warehouse. The pre-constructed deck displays are coming in shortly after, as they were a little more complicated to produce this time around.

Instead of the traditional starter display that we have had for quite some time in UFS, we have made the decision to give players a complete game experience for Street Fighter and introduce a 2-player turbo box, featuring Ryu vs. Chun Li. Inside the box includes 2 random Ultra Rares from the set, 2 complete Turbo Decks, 2 learn to play mats with Street Fighter posters on the back and an updated rulebook. This new take on the “Battle Box” will be something that is easily available to a much larger market, and is designed to help grow the core player base of the game.

We are also going to be doing things a little more traditional when it comes to the release of the Street Fighter UFS set. Typically Jasco Games has done a pre-release and then an identical release a week or two after. With the introduction of Street Fighter, we will be promoting an actual “Pre-Release” event, which will allow players to see the booster material 1 week early. It will include select character full art cards for drafting, a completely new Street Fighter play mat for top performing participants and, of course, booster packs from the anticipated set! Following Pre-Release weekend, we will have the official release of Street Fighter UFS. Upon release, there will be a release kit that includes the Ryu vs. Chun Li 2-Player Turbo Boxes as well as the select format cards and more new SF play mats included in the Release Kit. Street Fighter will be tournament legal on the day of the official release.

Street Fighter will NOT be legal for Worlds 2017. We had originally intended on releasing the set on April 28th, however, there is a major pre-release or release event for TWO of our major competing card games that same weekend. Because of this, we feel it is wisest to wait until the weekend after Worlds 2017, to launch the pre-release of the set. This means players do not have to scramble for cards last minute in order to compete in Worlds and also gives us all something extremely exciting to look forward too after we all return home! The Pre-release event for Street Fighter will be the weekend of May 19-21. The cards will be legal upon the official release which is May 26th, 2017.

Some players may see the set being legal after Worlds as a slight disappointment, but internally, we actually feel that a Street Fighter release that is no sooner than 2-3 months before Worlds would actually drastically lower attendance. It takes a new player quite a long time to collect a competitive deck, learn the ins and outs of the game and feel confident enough to travel to a major tournament. Because of this, it is very likely that a legal Street Fighter set releasing anytime near Worlds would have a negative impact on the attendance of the event and even harm the new player growth going into the rest of 2017. All in all, we feel like this is a blessing in disguise!


Here is a look at the Street Fighter pre-release playmat!





Worlds 2017


We’ve touched a little on Street Fighter for worlds, but what else can we expect to see at the largest UFS event of the year? As usual, we will be hosting a Teams and a Singles event in Las Vegas on the weekend of May 12-14. The event will be held at the Cashman Center at Lvl Up Expo this year and ALL UFS players will receive FREE entry. Jasco Games has pre-purchased 200 badges for the event for our players. We will have a separate entrance at the front of the building, so as long as you present to us the deck you will be competing with, you will be eligible to enter the convention and the tournament. Please try to come prepared, with a completed deck list, a good night’s sleep, and of course, a standard legal deck to play!



Worlds will start on Friday, May 12th with the UFS Teams World Championships. Players will form teams of 3 participants and compete using standard UFS decks in one of our most popular tournament formats. All players that enter the Teams World Championship tournament will receive a Worlds 2017 exclusive play mat and will be competing to get their likeness on a tournament legal asset card! For participating in each round we will be handing out 2 copies of the newest prints of the following cards: Ever Hopeful, Slaughterhouse and Diplomatic. Only one team will be victorious and to add to the prestige this year, we are including the first ever Teams World Championship Belt for the victors! We will be debuting the belt design soon, so stay tuned! All teams that make top cuts will receive 3 booster boxes of Red Horizon: Blood Omen, 3 booster boxes of Street Fighter as possibly some other goodies. Players that make top 4 and top 2 will get additional boxes and prizes on top of their top cut prizes.



The Singles World Championships will start on Saturday, May 13th at the same venue and event location as Teams the day prior. Singles is the main event and follows the standard tournament game rules and tournament floor rules. For participating in all rounds of Singles, players will receive the following prizes:
2 copies of the most recent prints of Ever Hopeful, slaughterhouse and Diplomatic, a Street Fighter booster pack and sneak peek cards from the Mega Man and Darkstalkers Platinum Sets. Once again, entry into this event is completely FREE; you only need a tournament legal deck to play. For making top cuts in the Singles World Championships, players will also receive a booster box of Red Horizon: Blood Omen, a booster box of Street Fighter, as well as various other goodies. Players that make top 4 and top 2 will get additional boxes and prizes on top of their top cut prizes. Players that are diversified will be treated as making top cuts in regards to prizes. Just as in the Teams World Championships, in Singles we will be debuting the new WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP BELT for 2017!!! This is a prize that will go along side being immortalized as a tournament legal character card in UFS. We will be debuting the belt in the following weeks so please stay tuned to see this year’s design!


Top Cuts

Top Cuts is scheduled for Sunday May 14th. We will be crowning 4 World Champions on this day and awarding them their own championship belts! Players can expect at least the first round of Teams top cuts to be played on Friday. Players can also expect Top 16 of Singles to be played on Saturday.




Grimm in Wonderland Promo Legality

All Grimm in Wonderland Promos will be legal for the 2017 World Championships.

Race Against Time – Legal February 1st

Party Crasher – Legal March 1st

Poison Apple – Legal April 1st

Eggsplosion – Legal May 1st




UFS Platinum!!!


Starting later this year, Jasco Games will be releasing a whole new take on some of our older standard legal sets in UFS. UFS Platinum is a series of sets starting with Mega Man Platinum and Darkstalkers Platinum, that are intended to not only help newer players get hard to find older cards, but also incorporate a whole new type of tournament prize support for your local events! Starting with Mega Man Platinum, we will be re-releasing EVERY card from Mega Man including promo cards that were printed prior to Mega Man Battle for Power.

Every card in this set is not only re-printed, but is 100% foil with completely new foil patterns that have never before been seen in previous sets. Each platinum pack comes with 30 foil cards from the entire Mega Man franchise mentioned above as well as 2 completely unique cards that come in each of the Mega Man Platinum boxes (total of 32 foil cards per box). These boxes are intended as prize support for your local tournaments, and will also be available for individual sale. After Mega Man Platinum comes Darkstalkers Platinum which has the same formula and also 2 exclusive cards that are new to the UFS Standard environment (but may be something familiar to our veteran players). We will be showcasing some of these new platinum cards at worlds 2017 so be sure to check them out!




Ban List


There will be no bans added to the current ban list at this time.

Jasco Games attended the St. Louis 1K event sponsored by Rochester CCG, a non-Jasco sanctioned tournament where they could play in. All three Jasco representatives expressed how much fun they had with the format they played in. We feel the game is in good shape. We might make some decisions after the World Championships and with the release of Street Fighter.

The current ban list and set legality document can be found here:




Community Appreciation


As our game is growing, our community is getting more and more involved! We love seeing new and exciting things that our players create, whether it’s video content, deck lists write ups, blog articles,  independent tournaments and events or, as we’ve seen recently, wrestling style UFS promos! We would like to give a special thanks to our players for making these UFS promo videos popular and we have been watching every one of them! We are happy to see that they have remained light hearted and the community is keeping players involved and engaged! We’d also like to thank the many people putting out consistent YouTube content for UFS, live streams and other community content! The more content that is available, the more we will find other fans that like our game! Finally, we would like to thank all of you who are running independent tournament circuits, events, demo days and other non-sanctioned events! We can only host so many events, so having a strong community to help provide more ways to play is something we love about UFS and about our players!




Promos & Champ Cards


The next batch of Champion cards will be releasing very soon to champions! Champions have exclusive rights to their cards for the first several months so be sure to reach out and trade with them until they go onto the public market! In addition to Champion cards, if your store is ordering UFS product at least once every 2 months, they are eligible for FREE monthly prize support. Make sure your store is reaching out to us so they get their prize support!

If you have a pending champion card:

Champion card art or art description must be submitted to JT(at) by the end of April 2017.
Champion card design must be submitted to Shane(at) by the end of April 2017.




Premiere Store Program


Jasco Games is in the Beta stages of a new program for retail stores called the “Premiere Store Program”. Premiere stores go above and beyond for UFS and therefore are treated with special perks. They will get extra prizes, signage, cool displays and other materials to help them push the game they are already doing a great job promoting. If you think you have a store that is doing an exceptional job with UFS, make sure we know about it. Premiere stores will have first right to PTC events, special promotions and other cool goodies! If you think your store is fit to be Premiere, please let us know!




UFS Turbo


The UFS Turbo Season will start in September of 2017 and go until September of 2018. Player of the year points will be counted monthly, but qualification for the main event will last the entire season.  UFS Turbo is a format designed after double elimination fighting game tournaments and is designed to be quick and aggressive! Turbo games are best of 1, and have a 30 minute time limit. The winner of the round continues into the winner’s bracket and losers drop to the losers bracket. The player that wins the tournament gets player of the year points as well as qualification into the Turbo World Championships. Players competing in Turbo Worlds will have a chance to win a fully customized Turbo Charged UFS Sports Car! Your store may run a Turbo event on a monthly basis and players are allowed to win multiple events to improve their player of the year points, reduce competition in the main event, and increase their seating in the main event!


UFS Turbo is also a great way to introduce new players to the game! Because Turbo does not allow certain promo cards or champion cards, and also only has 4 sets legal at any one time, it is a much easier point of entry for players looking to get into UFS. They also only have to build a 41 card deck, which makes it easier to start a collection. Once a player has been playing Turbo for a while, they will naturally grow their collection of sets and be able to step into the standard environment later down the road. For groups looking to grow your local player base, you may want to take a look at the Turbo format! It’s a perfect starting point for new players and still maintains plenty of fast paced CCG action for our veterans!






We no longer host major UFS events at GenCon, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t bringing our full force to promote the game to the audience there! If you are looking to attend GenCon this year and want to volunteer with Jasco Games, we would love to have you aboard to demo and promote UFS! We offer you a free badge, free room and board, breakfast and lunch each day and $10 of Jasco Games credit for each hour you’re on the floor. We only take full timers but you have breaks and plenty of time to enjoy the con! If this is up your alley, please contact us at Mike(at)! Also, there may still be time to register your own independent UFS tournament at the show! If you want to run an event, please look into becoming a GM for GenCon and let us know about it. We will properly promote your events that are UFS or Jasco Games related!




Player of the Year Ranking


The 2017 Player of the Year Ranking has been updated with the most recent PTC events this month.




New Tournament Floor Rules


The tournament floor rules have been polished a bit and will be effective for the World Championships and moving forward.






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