As we approach the Pre-Release of the newest UFS release, Street Fighter Vs. Darkstalkers, we would like to share the excitement of previewing some of the Ultra Rare cards with a few of our content creators!


Each podcast listed has received 2 Ultra Rare cards to preview and will be featuring the cards on special episodes this week.  We will update the post as the podcasts are uploaded.  The Ultra Rare cards will be posted to the Street Fighter Vs. Darkstalkers Set Preview page the following day.


We would like to thank these channels for their continued support of UFS, and encourage you to like, share, subscribe, and follow these channels as well as the other channels that can be found on the UFS Community Page


We would also like to add that we are continually on the look out for new content creators and encourage new creators to share their voices and perspectives with the UFS Community.  If you provide regular quality content, you might even be selected to participate in previewing cards from an upcoming UFS set!


Tuesday, November 6 – Jolly’s UFS


Listen in to Oliver Hill of Essex, England, as he kicks off the Ultra Rare previews with cards from Akuma and Jedah!


Wednesday, November 7 – UFS University


Our friends in Omaha, Nebraska, including newly crowned 2018 U.S. National Champion Barrett Bryant, preview cards from Ken and Morrigan!

rochester ccg

Wednesday, November 7 – Top Deck Heroes


In a special LIVE stream 6pm Eastern, the endearing veterans of Rochester CCG preview cards from Lord Raptor and Lilith on their Top Deck Heroes podcast!


Thursday, November 8 – The Guile Treatment


Lastly, like all good bosses, Gill’s two Ultra Rare cards will be previewed by Rockford CCG’s own The Guile Treatment Podcast.  You can also meet the Rockford crew as they will be traveling to the Collinsvlle, IL PTC November 10-11 at Dizzy Dugout

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