Today, Friday, April 5, 2019, marks the official release of the SoulCalibur VI CCG for the Universal Fighting System!  SoulCalibur VI is officially Standard legal and will be allowed at this weekend’s UFS PTC at Millennium Games and Hobbies in Rochester, New York!

Rochester PTC Facebook Event Page


UFS players, as SoulCalibur VI is now Standard legal, the Darkstalkers Tins have now rotated and are no longer Standard legal, and Street Fighter has now rotated and is no longer Turbo legal.  Current full Standard and Turbo legality can be found in the following links:

Updated 4/5 UFS Standard Legality

Updated 4/5 UFS Turbo Legality


Lastly, as mentioned in the last episode of The Joffice, the Sub Zero Starter Exclusive foundation Cryomancer’s Descendent (MKX01 162/189) has now received an official functional errata to address the potential for infinitely looping combos.  The second ability of the card now states (changes in italics):

Sub Zero R Remove: After 1 of your foundations is flipped, unflip 2 foundations.

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