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News and Information

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2019 UFS UK Nationals comes to Patriot Games in Sheffield, England, September 14-15!  Find out event details HERE!

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Attention Spirit Detectives!  Yu Yu Hakusho joins UFS September 6!  Suzaku has been added 7/16/19 to the set preview here!

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UFS Champion Batch V is now Standard Legal!  Check out the new Champion promos here!

PTC website

2019 PTC prize support has been announced!  Find out what you can receive when you participate in the events here!


The 2019 UFS Major Events Calendar has been released!  Find out information about the World, US, and UK Championships, as well as information for all 22 2019 PTC events here.

YouTube Channels

Jasco Games YouTube – Home of the Joffice!

The Bearded Card Trader – UFS event coverage from the UK!

Jolly’s UFS – Jolly good new weekly audio podcast from a veteran UK point of view.

Legendary UFS content and event streams from Omaha, Nebraska!

Legendary Wolf Games YouTube

Legendary Wolf Games Twitch Channel

Paynus Graebler – Humorous and informative take on card games for a mature audience.

Rochester CCG – Home of the Top Deck Heroes podcast as well as replays and analyses of PTC and other major event matches.

Rockford CCG – Home of The Guile Treatment Podcast as well as The Staging Area Community Discussion Vlog

Saltire Games – UFS Premier Store Event coverage from Indianapolis, IN.

Shaneth21 – UFS and other card game discussion by Shane Duckworth!

Toysoldyours – UFS deckbuilding tips, character analysis, and more!

UFScotland – UFS commentary from Max-XP Gaming in Glasgow, Scotland!

UFS Dallas – Replays of UFS Turbo events

UFS University – Teaching you all things UFS out of Omaha, Nebraska

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