Welcome to the UFS Scout Program

At Jasco Games, we recognize that a key element in the growth of UFS is its own players.  With this in mind, we are reintroducing the UFS Scout Program.

A UFS Scout is a passionate, dedicated member of the UFS community who seeks to help grow and sustain UFS in their local gaming establishment and surrounding area by managing regular local organized play events for current players as well as providing regular opportunities to demo and teach UFS to new players.

UFS Scouts will be provided prize support and demo materials according to the number of events they run and also how many people participate in these events.  Successful Scouts have the opportunity to create and manage playgroups in multiple locations in larger areas and will be rewarded for their time and effort.

If you feel that you would be a qualified candidate to become a UFS Scout, please fill out the following form to receive more information.

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