Attention U.S. retail owners and managers!  We are introducing a new Pre-Order policy with the release of the SoulCalibur VI UFS set on April 5, 2019.  We will be following this policy for all future UFS releases.

In order to promote and provide an additional perk to our UFS Premier Stores, only Premier Stores will be allowed to order Pre-Release kits and hold Pre-Release events.  All other retailers must wait until the official release date to receive their product.

Premier Stores may order Pre-Release kits for the March 29, 2019 Pre-Release of the SoulCalibur VI UFS set from Southern Hobby Supply or may contact Kai Nesbit at for direct order information.

Retailers may also contact Kai to receive information about the easy process to become a Premier Store.

Non-Premier stores may place Pre-Orders for SoulCalibur VI but will not receive product until the official release date of April 5, 2019.


Premier Store benefits include:

  • Free acrylic Jasco Games UFS display
  • 8 free UFS booster boxes (2 of each of the 4 most recent UFS sets) to fill the display
  • Exclusive opportunity to order UFS Pre-Release Kits and hold Pre-Release Events
  • Retail management contact with Kai Nesbit
  • Free UFS product exchange
  • 1 free box quarterly for keeping a fully stocked Premier Store display (photo submission required)


Individual boxes may be Pre-Ordered here

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