Seventh Cross officially enters the UFS Standard format this coming Friday, May 24!  Here are the notable changes in the Standard Legality players should be made aware of:

Additions to Functional Errata:

Celinka2 – Copies of ∙∙Celinka∙∙ counts as 2 characters in your staging area for card effects.
E Remove 2 attack cards from your discard pile: If your attack deals damage, your opponent destroys 1 foundation and loses vitality equal to its printed block modifier. If it has no block modifier, add the top card of your deck to your momentum.

Water Freezes – F Commit: Cards cannot leave your discard pile or staging area due to your opponent’s effects for the rest of this turn. Your next Flash attack gets Safe for the rest of this turn.

Removal from Standard Ban List due to rotation:

Gemini Man
Skull Man

Removal from Standard Errata List due to rotation:

Master of Magnetism
Shield Ram

Removal from Standard Errata List due to rules changes:

Edward and Ein

The full May 2019 Standard Legality update, effective May 24, 2019, may be found here:

Standard Legality – May 2019

Seventh Cross Watermark

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