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The UFS World Championship will be held on May 4-6 in Las Vegas at LVL Up Expo at their new home, The Las Vegas Convention Center.

Las Vegas Convention Center
3150 Paradise Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Badges will be free of charge for those participating in either Team Worlds on Friday or Singles Worlds on Saturday. Simply show up with a Standard Legal UFS deck and receive your badge for the weekend! UFS will have its own tournament space away from the noise and distractions of the exhibitor hall.

LVL UP Expo is offering discounted hotel rooms just minutes away from the Las Vegas Convention Center.
Follow this link for more details: https://goo.gl/VW1Pt8

This will be the last big tournament with “The King of Fighters: Neo Max” standard legal. Mortal Kombat will be released after the World Championships, rotating Neo Max upon its official release. Mortal Kombat cards may be given out as swiss round participation prizes.

— — —

The schedule for the World Championships are as follows:

Friday, May 4th – Team World Championship
– Registration: 9am
– Start Time: 10am
– 1 Hour Lunch Break
– Prepare for the first rounds of top cuts to be played on Friday night.

Saturday, May 5th – Singles World Championships
– Registration: 9am
– Start Time: 10am
– 1 Hour Lunch Break
– Prepare for the first rounds of top cuts to be played on Saturday night.

Sunday, May 6th – Top Cuts for Teams/Singles
– Start Time: 10am
– Teams Grand Finals will be played prior to Singles Grand Finals
– Side Events on Sunday TBA

Entry fee for all events is $0.
Participation prizes will be given out during each round of Swiss for both Teams and Singles. These prizes include booster packs and never before seen foil promo cards making their debut at the World Championships!
Each player who signs up for the Singles World Championship on Saturday will receive a free Worlds 2018 exclusive playmat.
worlds participation
The Diversity Rule will be in effect with consolation prizes given to diversified players.
Players who make top cuts will receive the Worlds 2018 Top Cut Finalist Playmat, additional product, and a complete 1x set of every foil promo card from the weekend.

top cut finalist

The winners of the Team World Championships will be able to help design their very own tournament legal asset or foundation card. The winner of Singles Worlds will be able to design their very own tournament legal character card. Title Belts will be making a return with all 4 champions receiving a physical title belt for their achievement!

singles belt

Teams Belt

Before the event, please be sure you are familiar with most recent Tournament Floor Rules, Erratas, Standard Format Legality, Ban List and LGR. All of this information can be found at – http://jascogames.com/ufs

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