Hello UFS Players! We have an important rules update with the Pre-release of Yu-Yu Hakusho.


First and foremost, and most importantly, the mulligan rules for UFS are being updated in preparation for Universus.

This is being changed for two main reasons. We’re finding that the current mulligan is too punishing for some decks and gives too a large benefit to others.


*** Now instead of removing your hand from the game when you mulligan, you will place it on the bottom of your deck. Draw cards until you have your hand size and then shuffle your deck.***


*** NOTE that this mulligan will be in place for the Yu Yu Hakusho Pre-releases. This rule change will not take affect for the PTC in Slidell this weekend but will be in effect for Tempe, next weekend September 6-7. ***


The rest of the changes outlined:



:: E.1.8 (mulligan rule) modified to place mulligan’d cards on the bottom of the deck instead of removing them from the game

:: I.3.12.2 added to clarify the behavior of Ice Dragon Seiryu and similar cards.

:: C.3.3.1 note modified to clarify that i.e. the resource symbols granted by a printed infinity symbol are part of a card’s printed values.

:: B.6.1.2 added to clarify cards like Yusuke and Spirit Detective

:: I.3.7.1 modified to make searching optional when Gauge fires

:: D. has been tweaked to clarify character stacking behavior

:: K.3.25 added to define what qualifies as a “[Once per turn]” ability.

:: A.3.1 changed to reflect the current location of errata

:: Numbering in section C.3.3.3 has been fixed


The full updated LGR can be found HERE


Yu-Yu Hakusho ERRATA:

Koenma’s Task (“named card” and “ability on an action card”)

“F Remove: Name a card, search your deck for all copies of the named card and add them to your hand. Then name another card, search your opponent’s deck for all copies of the named card and remove them. Only playable if there is at least 1 copy of “Koenma’s Task” in both your discard pile and removed from game pile.

R Remove: After your opponent plays an ability on an action card, cancel its effects.”

Psychic Spirit Glass (“copies of the chosen card”)

“F Remove: Your opponent reveals their hand. Choose 1 revealed card revealed this way. Your opponent cannot play copies of the chosen card for the rest of this turn.”

Foil Promo Kuwabara – Misprint High block.  All Kuwabara character cards are considered to have Mid blocks.

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