Welcome to the Yu Yu Hakusho UFS Set Preview!

Here you will find your favorite Yu Yu Hakusho characters Yusuke Urameshi, Kazuma Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei as all new characters in the Universal Fighting System as they battle through the Spirit Detective Saga!  Relive the excitement of the first battles as our heroes learn to trust each other and work together and grow into their powers!

Yu Yu Hakusho releases September 6, 2019, with UFS Premier Store EXCLUSIVE Pre-Release events August 30, 2019

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The navigator of the River Styx, Botan has arrived to take you to the afterlife! While functioning as Yusuke’s guide to the spirit world, Botan plays a lot of roles: a friend, a teacher, and even an ally in combat! Not a fighter by nature, Botan is willing to take up weapons and fight to help people in need. Botan’s healing powers and assistance are crucial to the success of Yusuke’s missions.

Botan is not known for her fighting prowess but uses the element of surprise and a knack for improvisation to get herself or others out of tough spots. Drawing from an arsenal of improvised weapons like mops, bats, and even bug spray she catches her opponents off guard to protect herself and her allies. Using her healing powers and vast knowledge of spirit energy and the spirit world, she gains the edge for whatever the situation may need.


The Second Saintly Beast, the “White Tiger” Byakko, has been forced to live inside Maze Castle as one of the four rulers of Demon City.  Known for his immense strength and unmatched toughness, even things as simple as his roar carry enough power to destroy the landscape around him.

Byakko is designed to reflect his immense toughness, by having one of the highest vitality totals in the game, and also his immense power, with one of the largest damage pumps in the game using the advantage from his lair in Maze Castle.  Byakko’s attacks are known for destroying the battlefield around him and his flip mechanic is designed to reflect how he uses this ability to take options away from his enemies until they are cornered and unable to defend themselves from his devastating blows.


Hiei,  Master of the Jagan Eye, is a demon known for his incredible speed and telepathic abilities. Usually found alongside his partner Kurama, he is considered to be one of Yusuke’s most powerful enemies and eventual allies.

Hiei’s core mechanics are built to reflect his ability to pierce into his opponents mind and find vulnerabilities, and exploit them using his incredible speed. Hiei can look into and manipulate zones of play like no other character in UFS history. Using his Jagan Eye, Hiei can access his momentum just like his hand, and the combination of his Eye and speed can help him find weaknesses in his opponents defense.


Kurama, originally known as the demon fox “Legendary Bandit,” was mortally wounded by a demon hunter during a failed theft.  Kurama retreated into the human world and put his soul into a human baby.  Raised human, Kurama’s priorities shifted, as the dual nature of his being came into conflict. Eventually, alongside his partner Hiei, Kurama becomes a great ally to Yusuke.

Kurama’s calculating and powerful counter attacks are his main strategy, often ending fights in just one or two swings of his Rose Thorn Whip.  Focusing on this mechanic Kurama is one of the most devastating reversal characters in UFS, turning his defense into offense and creating devastating sequences of counter attacks.


The toughest punk in junior high, Kuwabara is a friend and rival to Yusuke and is always there for his friends when it counts.  With an incredible attunement to the spirit world, Kuwabara is able to manifest his great spirit energy into a powerful spirit sword.  Kuwabara lives up to his toughness, as everytime he gets knocked down he gets up even more determined, making him a powerful ally and great friend.

With a fighting style focused on his huge pool of spirit energy and “never give up attitude,” Kuwabara starts a little slowly but gets more dangerous the fight goes on.  With his sensitivity to the spirit world, Kuwabara can use his spirit energy to gain advantages on his opponent both offensively and defensively, usually by altering his sword.  Kuwabara is also no stranger to taking a punch and he won’t go down to just one or two blows.


No longer in disguise, Rando has arrived for today’s previews! Rando enters Genkai’s tournament with plans to learn Genkai’s powerful techniques and then murder her and become their sole master, as he has done with all of his previously stolen techniques. A merciless human hunter with a mean streak, Rando embraces his sadism as motivation and fuel for his power.

Rando is a powerful fighter with a huge array of stolen techniques and is looking to add more at any chance he gets. Taking pleasure in watching his opponent suffer, Rando grows more dangerous and cruel the longer the fight goes. On top of all of his stolen techniques, Rando even has access to his own version of Yusuke’s Spirit Gun, but, unlike Yusuke’s, he can fire his more then 1 time!


Suzaku, also known as the “Crimson Sparrow,”and one of the four rulers of Demon City trapped inside of Maze Castle, is considered the most powerful of the Saintly Beasts.  Posessing a deep hatred of humans and the ability to create duplicates of himself, he proves to be one of Yusuke’s most dangerous foes.

In combat Suzaku uses devastating attacks amplified with the assistance of his duplicates, while also absorbing the energy from defeated duplicates to restore his own power. By using the Gauge mechanic and his own support, he uses his duplicates to amplify his attacks in a variety of ways, building up to massive fight ending attacks.  Suzaku also uses his duplicates to protect himself from his opponents most devastating attacks and then reabsorbs their energy.

Yusuke Urameshi

The Spirit Detective himself has arrived, Yusuke Urameshi! Yusuke, once a normal junior high trouble-maker with a troubled home life, was the toughest kid in school. He died while attempting to save the life of a child, but was given a second chance at life as a detective for the spirit world by Koenma.. Yusuke is a simple, no-nonsense kind of detective, handling his tasks as spirit detective with mostly his fists, feet and his signature move the Spirit Gun.

Yusuke is a tough as nails fighter who can take a beating and give it right back, utilizing his  excellent fighting skills and spirit energy to enhance his normal strikes and fire off devastating energy attacks.Straight forward but flexible Yusuke puts a lot of heat on his attacks and can adapt to many gameplans. His usage of spirit based abilities is second to none and he uses this as his primary way to defeat his opponents.


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